08 June 2013

Jambatan ke-2 runtuh: 'Ayah janji nak beli aiskrim'...

'Ayah janji nak beli aiskrim'

'Ayah janji nak belikan aiskrim', demikian menurut anak mangsa runtuhan penyambung susur jalan keluar Jambatan Kedua Pulau Pinang.

Nur Aina Shazwani Tajuddin, 11 ditemui ketika berada di Unit Kecemasan Hospital Pulau Pinang (HPP).

"Ayah saya telefon dan kata hendak belikan aiskrim kalau dia balik, tapi dia tak balik-balik," katanya.

Selain Nur Aina Shazwani, mangsa, Tajuddin Zainal Abidin turut meninggalkan anak bongsunya, Nur Ain Maisara, 7 serta isteri Sharifah Ramli.

Sementara itu salah seorang ahli keluarga terdekat mangsa yang dikenali dengan nama Boy mula berasa tidak sedap hati setelah nombor pendaftaran kenderaan mangsa didedahkan pihak polis.

Boy yang bekerja sebagai kontraktor penyelenggaraan di Jambatan Kedua Sdn Bhd (JKSB) turut terlibat dengan kerja pembersihan runtuhan.

Menurutnya, beliau mula berasa tidak sedap hati setelah hampir 24 jam kerja pembersihan dilakukan.

"Lebih meragukan apabila polis mula mendedahkan kereta yang terlibat adalah Kelisa dengan nombor pendaftaran PKR 347, sementara angka 0 tiada.

"Saya mula rasa lain macam kerana memang nombor kereta Abang Ti (gelaran mangsa dalam keluarga) sudah lama tidak ada angka 0," katanya.-sinar harian

Bridge tragedy: Husband phoned but never returned...

The body of Tajudin Zainal Abidin, 45, who was killed in the incident where an exit ramp under construction on the Second Penang Bridge in Batu Maung, Georgetown collapsed yesterday, will be buried at the Batu 39 Muslim Cemetery in Bukit Merah, Perak later tonight.     

His wife Shariffah Ramli 40, said she was still in a state of shock that her husband died in the blink of an eye.    

His body which was found in a slumped position in the driver's seat of his car was only extricated by rescuers at 8.45pm today, more than 24 hours after the collapse incident as the vehicle was trapped under much concrete rubble.    

"The last time we heard from him was when he phoned our eldest daughter at 6.30pm. He promised to buy ice cream at Medan Selera Pantai Seagate near Batu Maung before returning to our home in Permatang Damar Laut," she told reporters when met at the Penang Hospital's (HPP) Forensics Department here.    

Shariffah said she suspected something was amiss when her husband did not return home for almost two hours and her calls to both his handphones went unanswered.    

Fearing the worst, she said she went out to Medan Selera Pantai Seagate to search for him only the find traffic heavily jammed as a result of the collapse incident.    

"Later I heard on the news on television that a Perodua Kelisa car with part of the number plate visible just like my husband's car was trapped underneath the rubble. I started to feel uneasy even though the report said four people were believed to be in the car," she said.   

Shariffah, who found it difficult to accept the tragedy that befell the family, said she only received confirmation that the victim was her husnand at noon from the police.    

Tajuddin who is self employed also leaves behind two daughters, Nur Ain Maisara and Nur Aina Syazwani, aged seven and 11 respectively. 

Meanwhile, HPP pathologist Dr Bhupinder Singh said Tajudin suffocated to death.     

"The post-mortem showed the victim died moments after the incident happened and also suffered injuries in both his legs while his rib cage was broken on both sides," he said, adding that the post-mortem started at 10pm and was completed at 11.40pm.   

In the 7.15pm incident, two concrete sections, a 180-tonne solid section and  a 100-tonne wet section suddenly came crashing down.    

More than 350 personnel from the police, Fire and Rescue Department, Civil Defence Department, the construction company and contractor are still at work trying to clear the rubble.    

Search dogs brought in

Meanwhile, four dogs from the Kuala Lumpur tracker dog unit (K-9) have been brought to the site of the incident to trace whether there are still victims trapped under the rubble.     

Up to 8.30am today, a search team from the Fire and Rescue Department aided by the K-9 unit were still searching whether there were still victims trapped under the debris.    

The Fire and Rescue Team had succeeded in retrieving a vehicle, believed to be a Land Rover, from the scene of the incident at about 12.30am today.    

However, until this morning there were still no indication that there were victims trapped under the rubble.    

The search and rescue operation was still going on and the fire department was still clearing up the area.-malaysiakini


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