19 July 2012

Tak puas balun peserta Bersih, kini polis balun pekerja2 hotel dengan buntut pistol pula...

Seorang inspektor polis didakwa telah memukul dua pekerja hotel dengan buntut pistol selepas bertengkar dengan salah satu pekerja di Seremban semalam.

Kejadian itu dirakam oleh CCTV hotel tersebut dan pihak  pengurusannya telah menyerahkan video itu kepada Ahli Parlimen DAP Rasah, Anthony Loke, yang kemudian memuat-naik video itu dan berkongsinya di laman Facebook beliau. Sila saksikan video2 di bawah ini....

 Bahagian 1

Bahagian 2

Menurut Loke, inspektor tersebut telah pergi ke hotel berkenaan pada awal pagi semalam dan menginap di sebuah bilik sebelum membeli ais krim dari hotel tersebut.

Dipercayai inspektor tersebut terbabit dalam pertengkaran dengan salah seorang pekerja hotel (yang memakai topi dalam video) mengenai harga ais krim, yang seterusnya membawa kepada kejadian tersebut.

Loke memberitahu Malaysiakini bahawa inspektor tersebut telah memukul pekerja berkenaan dengan buntut pistol dan menariknya ke sebelah lain hotel dan dipukul lagi.Ketika dihubungi, Ketua Polis Daerah Seremban Saiful Azly Kamaruddin mengesahkan bahawa polis telah menerima laporan berhubung kejadian itu.-

Cop pistol whips hotel staff...

A police inspector has allegedly assaulted two hotel employees with his pistol butt after quarrelling with one of the staff members in Seremban yesterday.

The incident was recorded by the hotel CCTV and the hotel management has passed the video to DAP Rasah MP Anthony Loke, who later uploaded the video and share it on his Facebook page.Video,Part 1, Part 2,above

According to Loke, the inspector had gone to the hotel in the wee hours yesterday and checked into a room before buying ice cream from the hotel.

NONEIt is believed that the inspector had an argument with one of the hotel employees (wearing cap in the video) over the ice cream price, which subsequently led to the incident.

Loke told Malaysiakini that the inspector had assaulted the staff with his pistol butt and pulled the latter to the other side of the hotel for another round of attack.

“At this point of time, another staff member (wearing black shirt in the video) made a call to the police, but this was found out by the inspector who came back and assaulted the staff members together,” he said.

The CCTV video shows the staff member in black shirt holding his head in agony and falling down to the ground after being hit by the inspector.

Loke said he learned from the local police that the inspector has been arrested and suspended from his position.

When contacted, Seremban District Police chief Saiful Azly Kamaruddin confirmed that the police had received a report over the matter.

“The case is still being investigated, we cannot reveal more details to the press,” he said, who also confirmed that the subject of the complaint is an inspector attached to the Commercial Crime Division.

Vehicles also vandalised

According to a report in The Star today, the 32-year-old suspect has also vandalised several cars after the incident.

China Press has also talked to one of the vehicle owners Loo Chi Yuan, who claimed that his car window was damaged by the inspector at about 5am yesterday.

He reportedly said that the police officer looked drunk and was holding two empty liquor bottles.

According to the news report, the police officer has chased Loo and four other friends after vandalising his car. During the chase, a senior citizen who was passing by was injured by the policeman with a bottle.

“We also saw the suspect take out his pistol, but fortunately we managed to escape.”

When contacted, Federal CID chief Mohd Bakri Zinin and state police chief Osman Salleh declined comment.- malaysiakini


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