A samurai sword wielding couple were able to breach the Prime Minister's Department compound in Putrajaya before they were shot by police.

The male suspect was shot on the arm and groin. He died at the Putrajaya hospital. The female suspect was shot on her right thigh. Her condition is unknown.

According to the online edition of Utusan Malaysia, the two suspects had told security personnel that they intend to overthrow the government and chanted "God is great" several times.

In a press release late this evening, the Kuala Lumpur police contingent said the suspects had forced security personnel to allow them into the compound at knife-point.

Following this, they damaged two vehicles near Complex B1 before police personnel arrived. 

According to the police, the couple attacked police vehicles as they arrived and tried to apprehend them, prompting the police to open fire. 

Other news reports said police personnel reportedly tried to persuade the couple to give up but were forced to open fire after the couple reacted aggresively. 

The police also said that the male suspect referred to himself as "Imam Mahadi".
The security breach reportedly occured at 2.30pm. 

Based on photographs which are heavily distributed through Facebook, the couple were seen together behind an area cordoned off with yellow police tape.

They were both bleeding profusely from their wounds. Another photograph depicted the couple laying on the floor as police stood watch.

The male suspect was reportedly top less throughout the ordeal while the dressed in black with matching headscarf.-malaysiakini