03 July 2012

Julian Assange Draws Parallels Between Himself and Anwar in Last RT Show...

Assange interviews Anwar Ibrahim, a politician and the most prominent leader of the Malaysian opposition who rose to the position of Deputy Prime Minister before falling from grace and leading the charge against the ruling elites.

With Anwar, Assange continues his tradition of interviewing formerly imprisoned activists and political leaders, and alludes to similarities in how he and Anwar faced politically motivated persecution disguised with more sinister criminal allegations.

“As a rising internal rival to the former Prime Minister Mahathir, Anwar was imprisoned for 5 years after being smeared with sex allegations.  As a result of a popular campaign in 2004, his conviction was overturned and he was released from prison. 

In 2008, he was again targeted for sex crimes allegations, he won the case earlier this year,” says Assange. “I want to know how has he survived and what does he see as the future of Asia and the West.”

In the interview Anwar talks about the possibility of a ‘Malaysian Spring.’ He explains that he wanted to appear on Assange’s show because of the media blackout in Malaysia: “The entire media was groomed to support the ruling party. Even today as leader of the opposition, I don’t have even one minute of air-time.”

The 12th and final episode of Assange’s interview series will air globally on Tuesday, July 3rd at 15:30 Moscow time /11:30 GMT/7:30 EST across all RT channels in English, Arabic and Spanish, and will be rebroadcast every two hours thereafter.

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Anwar di Melaka...

170 buah meja telah habis di-beli (tanpa paksa, tanpa di-sponsor dan bukan free) oleh rakyat negeri Melaka. Meja-meja itu telah di jual oleh PKR negeri Melaka pada satu majlis makan malam di dewan Pay Fong Melaka anjuran mereka kelmarin dengan penutup majlis diakhiri dengan ceramah oleh Anwar Ibrahim.

Selepas itu Anwar bergegas ke perkarangan pejabat PKR negeri Melaka di Bukit Piatu, untuk satu ceramah pilihanraya...



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