15 July 2013

PRK Kuala Besut - UMNO Sambut Calon PAS...

Skuad kempen Umno turut menyambut calon PAS, Che Long yang turun menziarahi Bazar Ramadhan Kampung Baru sebentar tadi.

Skuad Umno yang disertai oleh kira-kira lima orang berpakaian serba merah jambu turut menunggu ketibaan calon PAS ini bersama sekumpulan wakil media yang lain. Mereka mengambil kesempatan mengikut calon PAS dan mengedarkan risalah kempen Suara Kuala Besut 1M kepada orang ramai.

Calon PAS menyambut baik dengan kehadiran risalah kempen pihak lawan walaupun tindakan tersebut dilihat sebagai satu taktik mengalih perhatian media dan orang daripada calon PAS. - SN

Dakwaan Sektor Pelancongan Berkembang Adalah Bohong - Salahuddin

Naib Presiden PAS, Salahuddin Ayub menyifatkan dakwaan Umno yang mengatakan aspek pelancongan di Kuala Besut amat berkembang adalah satu pembohongan.
Beliau menyanggah dakwaan ini berikutan muara di Kuala Besut ini amat cetek dan mengakibatkan aktiviti-aktiviti laluan bot terpaksa mengambil masa yang panjang.

Mengikut beliau, kerajaan BN yang telah lama diberi peluang memerintah negeri ini walaubagaimanapun telah mengabaikan masalah tersebut. Akibatnya pendapatan rakyat terjejas teruk sehingga penduduk di Kuala Besut menjadi antara penduduk termiskin di Terengganu.

Beliau turut menyifatkan kerajaan BN tidak prihatin kepada permasalahan ini yang menjejaskan ekonomi rakyat tempatan.

"Kerajaan (BN) tidak prihatin untuk menyelesaikan permasalahan besar ini. Sepatutnya kerajaan perlu menjalankan proses pengerukan di mana muara sungai ini perlu digali semula bagi membangunkan sektor pelancongan setelah nelayan merubah kerjaya mereka."

Karpal will be president if PAS wins, Kuala Besut told...

Deputy Agriculture Minister Tajuddin Abdul Rahman warned Kuala Besut voters that Karpal Singh could be Malaysia’s first president if they allow DAP to control Putrajaya through PAS.

“The sultan is the head of our religion. The agong is a Muslim. If we become a republic, (DAP chairperson) Karpal Singh then becomes the president. He would be your chief.

NONE“Can this be? Can Karpal Singh be the head of Islam? No,” he said in his opening speech at a programme by the Veterinary Services Department in Kampung Baharu, Kuala Besut, this morning.

He reasoned that PAS wants to be in Putrajaya but has only 20 MPs, hence it has joined Pakatan Rakyat and in doing so has opened its doors to DAP for negotiation.

“Do you think DAP would give them (benefits) for free? They (DAP) would work with PAS, but the condition is that they would demand this and demand that.

“Perhaps they will ask to be the deputy prime minister.

“Who would that be? (DAP parliamentary leader) Lim Kit Siang, or his son Lim Guan Eng,” he said according to sources.

NONEHe also claimed Karpal has said that if PAS is to remain in Pakatan Rakyat, it must never mention the issue of ‘Islamic struggle’ and must ‘tread over his dead body’ first if it were to establish an Islamic state.

Tajuddin, an Umno supreme council member, urged the electorate therefore to not vote for PAS in order to keep DAP out of power.

“If PAS rules Terengganu, it would be someone else in power and that is DAP, which will influence Terengganu leaders just as DAP influences PAS in Kelantan and PAS in Selangor.

“Even in Kedah in the past, what PAS did was subject to pressure, comments and requests,” he said, adding that this would happen in Terengganu as well despite DAP’s absence there.

‘Their people’ would reign

Speaking to roughly 100 Malays, Tajuddin (below) claimed that opposition leader Anwar Ibrahim too is not fond of the royalty, and alleged DAP would amend Article 153 of the federal constitution that deals with the special position of bumiputeras.

NONEHe cited the example of Singapore, that although once had Malay-Muslim presidents, but not for long.

Tajuddin then dredged up a laundry list of DAP’s alleged evils, such as how DAP does not like Malays in the civil service and would oust half of them if it comes into power, then replace them with “their people”.

Meanwhile in the DAP-led Penang, he said the Malays there are being treated unfairly over increasing property prices blamed on Chief Minister Lim Guan Eng.

“Guan Eng has chased away Malays from Penang Island. How? He builds expensive houses worth RM700,000, RM1,000,000, RM2,000,000.

“Malays can’t afford this and are forced to buy property outside of the island,” he said, while adding that there are only rich Malays left there.

Other examples included claims that former Perak Menteri Besar Mohammad Nizar Jamaluddin is a DAP puppet, and Guan Eng’s call for the word ‘Allah’ to be allowed in Bahasa Malaysia bibles.

‘Oppressed minorities a lie’

The deputy minister further claimed that although he was trumpeting Malay power, BN looks after the interests of all races and is a fair government.

NONE“The BN government led by Umno, who are Malays, is a government that is fair to all races.

“Where are the neglected Chinese? The oppressed Indians? All these oppression stories are just to instigate the people to hate the government,” he said.

He stressed that the BN-led government does not stop Chinese vernacular schools, non-Islamic religions, and non-Malay businesses.

The first by-election since the May 5 general election that saw Umno win Terengganu by a wafer-thin majority is taking place in a 99 percent Malay seat of 17,683 voters.

The campaign period - that takes place during the holy month of Ramadan - pits PAS’ Azlan Yusof against BN’s Tengku Zaihan Che Ku Abdul Rahman in a race to win votes by the July 24 polling date.-malaysiakini

Kee Thuan Chye - How can a man who says such stupid and illogical things be a Supreme Council member of Umno? And also the Deputy Agriculture Minister? How come Najib made him deputy minister? Malaysia is going to be a republic?? And some more, during Karpal's lifetime so he can become President?? And the DAP can amend Article 153 of the Federal Constitution that deals with the special position of Bumiputeras?? It's that easy huh? The DAP can get two-thirds of the MPs in Parliament to vote for the amendment?? Wah! Is this man talking about Malaysia or Fantasyland? Or are they one and the same in his and Umno's eyes? Will the Kuala Besut electorate see through the ridiculous things he is saying and realise that he is playing longkang politics? And punish Umno for insulting their intelligence?

Cantabrigian - I don't know whether to laugh to to cry when I read this news coming from a Deputy Sinister of Angry Culture. Just because Kuala Besut is a less developed town does not mean the residents are stupid and gullible. If the Sultan of Terengganu himself has shown that he could choose Ahmad Said over Idris Jusoh as the Menteri Besar after GE12, I don't think the Agong would have any problem in choosing another candidate than Karpal Singh to be the Prime Minister of Malaysia. And all these could only happen with a really big "IF".

Responsible malaysian - UMNO struggles for Muslim and Malay ? Everybody knows that UMNO only struggles for corruptions. UMNO only struggles for their evil practices. Even during the holy month, UMNO ministers can lie as though Islamic teaching is none of their concern. Can any rakyat persuade himself that UMNO is really struggling for Islam and Malays ? None of the rakyat really believe it .


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