Penang Chief Minister Lim Guan Eng wants medical doctors with a racist attitude to be sacked for violating their Hippocratic oath.

NONELim (left) urged Roslan Saidin (Umno-Pinang Tunggal) to expose the names of doctors he claimed were racist, so that this matter could be probed and appropriate action taken.

Roslan had on Wednesday told the state assembly that three Chinese doctors in Seberang Jaya and Kepala Batas had refused to treat Malay patients.

Lim said this information should be sent to the state executive councillor in charge of health, Dr Afif Bahardin (PKR-Seberang Jaya), so that action could be taken to prevent suspicion among the different races.

If Roslan could not produce evidence to back his claim, he should withdraw it immediately and apologise to all doctors in the country.

He urged all to respect the contributions of the medical profession, adding that they worked long hours and most were dedicated to their calling.

NONE“I am disappointed that Roslan (right) has issued a serious accusation, and blamed the 'Chinese tsunami' for causing the BN to lose  popular votes in the 13th general election,” Lim said when winding up the motion of thanks to the Yang di-Pertua Negeri’s address to the state assembly today.

“Roslan tried to tie the May 5 election results to racist attitudes of three Chinese doctors in two hospitals in Penang, who he accused of refusing treatment to Malay patients,” he added.

“If this is true, not only should they be sacked from the hospital but their medical licences should be revoked as they have violated their Hippocratic oath,”  said Lim.

“But why is this rather impossible accusation not known by the Penang General Hospital or the state Health Department?” he queried.

Lim said he raised the issue as he has received complaints from doctors and patients alike about this “dangerous play of racist sentiments”.

“In fact, some Malay patients are disappointed with these racial games for the sake of political expediency as they can tell how Chinese doctors have diligently saved their lives and the lives of their families,” said Lim.

“So I hope the opposition can furnish us with proof. Do not cut off your nose to spite your own face (meludah ke langit),” Lim added.

Roslan defends his action

In response, Roslan stood up several times to defend his action, saying he spoke about the three doctors and was not targeting the entire profession.

Roslan said he raised the issue because he was a “responsible” elected representative and that the incidents involving the doctors had taken place in his constituency.

He repeated his allegation, citing several examples to back his claim.

Shah Haedan Ayoob Hussain Shah (Umno-Teluk Bahang) said the names of the doctors could not be revealed in the assembly, adding the matter should be directly reported to the Health Ministry.

penang exco swearing in ceremony 090513 afif baharudinBut Afif (right) seemed visibly upset that the profession of medical doctors has been tarnished by the allegations.

“Racism has no future in Malaysia, and this goes for racist political parties as well, which will eventually be extinct,” he said, when Lim gave him way to make his comment.

“The younger generation will never accept racism, so what has this accusation of 'Chinese tsunami' to do with doctors?” Afif asked.

“Roslan could not establish a link between the two but has instead implicated my peers in the medical profession,” he added.

Afif demanded that Roslan reveal the doctors’ names or withdraw his claim,as the doctors continued to treat “our people and our families”.-malaysiakini