17 April 2012

Why BN Will Win Next General Election...

Concern over influx of new voters...

Selangor recorded the highest number of new voters registered between 2008 and the third quarter of 2011, raising concern of electoral fraud in the upcoming general election.

“The normal increase of new voters is usually between 4,000 to 5,000. However most constituencies in Selangor recorded an increase of over 10,000 new voters,” said Seri Andalas assemblyperson Dr Xavier Jayakumar on Tuesday

Subang has 27,765 new voters while its neighbouring parliamentary seat Kelana Jaya recorded a 13,714 increase.

“We’ve our suspicions about the increase. We looked into it and found 100 voters registered under the same house address,” he said.

Subsequently they found 300 other houses with 100 new voters registered for each.

New voters have also been found registered with “Green” MyKads with expiration dates printed on them.

“We’ve seen it used by voters before in Sarawak and we fear it may be used here in the upcoming general election, too,” he said.

Joining him was Meru assembly person Dr Abdul Rani Osman, who urged the Election Commission to investigate these discrepancies.-Brenda Ch'ng

And this is from an email posted in my mailbox....

There are presently 300,000 new registered voters in Selangor.  From the 300,000, 137,000 are Bangladeshi registered in Jalan Belangkas alone, who were recently make citizens of this country and some were newly converted to Muslim not by choice but by force temporary so that they are able to continue working here in Malaysia.

How do I know?  The 137,000 Bangladeshi were all registered with just one 6P Agent in Jalan Belangkas with the help and support direct from Hishamuddin in Putrajaya.

This particular 6P Agent had forced the Bangladeshi to pay him RM4,000 per person to register.  Since most of them are penniless they were forced to sign agreement with this agent to give him the right to all their salaries in return they will get just RM4 per day from the sum.  If the Bangladeshi is above 30 years old the contract is for 12 years.  Anyone below that is 10 years. 

So basically the Bangladeshi are now slaves to this 6P Agent.  To further insult the dignity of the Bangladeshi who are non-Muslim are now converted in paper as Muslim.  Reason given is that only Muslim can get a job in Malaysia.  Since this is an open secret, the Bangladeshi have no choice but to accept it with a heavy heart.

Now this particular 6P Agent is going to open a Bangla Restaurant in Jalan Belangkas.

Now if this particular 6P Agent can register 137,000 Bangladeshi in Jalan Belangkas and make them instant citizens just to vote for UMNO in Selangor.  Where do the real Rakyat's vote stand in Selangor?

When Putrajaya first sent the Mykad to this 6P Agent, they missed out the BIN.  Then Putrajaya officers came in their black jeep and took them back.  Two weeks ago they came and gave the new Mykad with the word BIN printed on it.

I am just talking about Bangladeshi in Jalan Belangkas. What about the other aliens with other 6P Agents?

Hishamoo said, "The 6P programme, which includes the registration, legalisation, amnesty, deportation, supervision and enforcement of foreign labour in the country, has registered 2,320,034 illegal and legal foreign workers using the biometric system as of Aug 31.

Of these, a total of 1,303,126 are illegals."

This figure is not correct according to source from Putrajaya, the number of foreign workers illegal and legal is above 11 million.  But according to Tony Pua this is unlikely.  Then why is the data base in a tight seal updated by two senior officers only? 

And yet our EC Chairperson is still obsess with....

Only 0.3 percent problems' in electoral roll...

It does not mean that the electoral roll is “dirty” just because there are 42,051 dubious names in it, according to the Election Commission (EC).

NONEThis "only" translates to 0.3 percent, EC chief Abdul Aziz Mohd Yusof told a press conference after chairing a briefing for MPs in Parliament House today.

"Where in the world is there an electoral roll that is 100 percent accurate?" he asked, stressing that it was "impossible".

"When the NRD (National Registration Department) tried to contact them, there was no response. But the EC cannot just delete their names unless it is certified that they are dead."

He said the NRD has only managed to clear the status of 301 voters in the ‘doubtful’ list.
Difficult task

The EC had sent the master electoral roll of 12.6 million voters to the NRD last December, to ensure there are no "double registrations, deceased and foreigners", after which the 42,051 were found to be doubtful.

"NRD cannot ascertain their status... and under the law the EC cannot delete the names, unless there is evidence," he explained.

He pointed out that the NRD has found several voters in the list recently, when they had stepped forward to redeem the Bantuan Rakyat 1Malaysia (BR1M) payments in Penang.

"Then we found out that they exist. It's not easy to delete names," he said.

"There are countries where it worse. We want it to be clean as well but our hands our tied.

"If we want to delete, we must have proof that the voter is dead, unsound mind, or in prison. We cannot be discretionary," said Abdul Aziz.

EC yet to discuss PSC report

One of the 22 recommendation by the parliamentary select committee (PSC) on electoral reform was the setting up of a special parliamentary select committee to supervise and scrutinise all efforts to revive and clean up the electoral roll.

The suggestion was put forth after a PSC-commissioned Malaysian Institute of Microelectronic Systems (MIMOS) study revealed defects in the electoral database.

The study showed that there were 79,098 voters registered in 354 addresses, with at least 100 voters in each address.

Asked on the progress of implementation of the PSC recommendation, Abdul Aziz said the commission will be meeting on Thursday to discuss the report which was tabled in Parliament on April 3.- malaysiakini

0.3% enough to topple S'gor gov't, EC told...

Bersih has slammed the Election Commission's (EC) assertion that dubious voters amounted to merely 0.3 percent of the total roll or 42,051 voters, saying the figure was enough to topple the Selangor government.

Bersih steering committee member Wong Chin Huat said based on the 2008 general election results, it would have taken only 10,158 votes to swing nine of the most marginal Selangor seats won by Pakatan Rakyat to BN.

This would have allowed BN to maintain power with 29 seats to Pakatan's 27 seats in Selangor, said Wong, who is a political scientist.

Pakatan won Selangor with 36 seats to BN's 20 seats.

More pressing, is that the 0.3 percent would have been enough for the BN to regain power in Selangor with a bigger majority.

Again based on the 2008 results, he said 41,459 votes would have swung the 19 most marginal seats won by Pakatan to BN - leading to 39 seats for BN and 17 for Pakatan.

At federal level, meanwhile, it would have taken just 41,653 votes to swing 25 of the most marginal parliamentary seats won by BN to Pakatan.

BN now has 137 seats in Parliament while Pakatan holds 75 and the remaining 10 are held by PSM, SAPP and Independents.

'Letters sent to police, DBKL'

Bersih co-chairperson Ambiga Sreenevasan said Bersih had submitted letters to the Dang Wangi district police headquarters and to Kuala Lumpur City Hall (DBKL), in relation to the Bersih 3.0 sit-in scheduled for April 28 at Dataran Merdeka.

"We sent (the letters) yesterday evening and we would expect that they will receive it by today," she said.

Both the police and DBKL have not commented on whether Bersih will be allowed to use the venue, instead calling on the coalition to engage them first. - malaysiakini

Awas taktik UMNO rampas Terengganu digunapakai utk. tawan Selangor...

Presiden PAS, Datuk Seri Tuan Guru Abdul Hadi Awang memberikan peringatan, taktik Umno merampas Terengganu pada pilihan raya 2004 akan digunakan semula di Selangor dalam pilihan raya akan datang ini.

Beliau memberi peringatan ini dalam wawancara khas dengan Harakahdaily baru-baru ini.

"Di Terengganu, kita kalah dalam pilihan raya 2004 bukan kerana penolakan rakyat tetapi melalui pengundi yang diangkut masuk.

"Mereka akan ulang cara ini di Selangor dalam pilihan raya akan datang ini," kata anggota Parlimen Marang itu memberikan amaran kepada petugas Pakatan Rakyat di Selangor.

PAS telah menang dalam pilihan raya umum 1999 di Terengganu dengan mendapat 28 dari 32 kerusi DUN yang ada namun dalam pilihan raya 2004, kerusi PAS hanya tinggal empat sahaja.

Bagi beliau, pendekatan begini satu penipuan yang kotor lagi najis kalau ia dinilai dari perspektif demokrasi sebenar yang sepatutnya adil dan bersih.

Menurut beliau, dalam postmortem yang dibuat oleh PAS selepas pilihan raya umum 2004, beberapa kawasan di Terengganu didapati berlaku peningkatan sehingga 2 peratus undi kepada PAS.

Berlaku juga di sesetengah kawasan penurunan undi untuk PAS sehingga 2 peratus.

"Tetapi di negeri Kelantan, ada kawasan yang menurun undi PAS sehingga 6 peratus. Tetapi apa yang berlaku, Terengganu kerajaan PAS jatuh tetapi kita bertahan di Kelantan," kata beliau.

Untuk Parlimen Kemaman, kata beliau, berlaku pertambahan undi berlipat kali ganda yang di luar dari kadar kelahiran manusia di kawasan itu.

"Dianggarkan pertambahan pengundi di Kemaman adalah 17,000 pengundi baru (berbanding pilihan raya 1999).

"Kawasan lain pun ada juga fenomena yang sama," kata beliau dalam wawancara khas itu.

Bagi Abdul Hadi, jentera pilihan raya Umno dan Barisan Nasional (BN) bukanlah kuat sangat tetapi mereka telah menggunakan jentera kerajaan.

"Mereka kuat dengan jentera kerajaan. Sepatut tak berlaku macam itu kerana  masa pilihan raya, ia hanya caretaker government (kerajaan sementara)," jelas beliau.

BN juga, katanya, menggunakan 100 peratus media yang ada dan menghalang parti lawan mereka menggunakan media itu yang bukannya milik BN.

"Saya yakin, jika pilihan raya akan datang ini berjalan dengan bersih, kita akan tawan semula Terengganu," beritahu beliau.
- harakahdaily

Let hear what others got to says....

bob teoh  - 42,051 dubious voters on the electoral roll and this idiot asks,"Where in the world do you get a 100% perfect roll?" The EC is a total disgrace and fraud.

malaysiawatch4.blogspot  - I suggest the laws/rules on electoral rolls for dubious voters be changed so that the names can be struck off based on the following procedures: 1.the names are published in the major newspapers 2.on the SPR website 3.registered letter to the address declared asking them to confirm their identity at a police station using a SD. If within 14days, they do not confirm their identity, then the names can be struck off.

 Donplaypuks  - Everytime the Opposition discovers a flaw in the EC's records, they respond with "oh, it's only 0.30% blah blah blah.." crap! If it's so easy to find mistakes with random checks, imagine what a full audit will reveal. Shape up or ship out Aziz. You have been there for donkeys ears and enough time to clean up the electoral rolls. If you don't have the will power, resign today!

Walking Tall  - Try losing marginally in a constituency....even ONE vote counts. Hence, the number 42,051 IS NOT SMALLL...it will help all your Umno croonies sit in Parliment and continue plundering the country and the rakyats money. You are Umno tool to cheat the election.

Leon Chan  - That is the problem with 'not so intelligent' people in EC. If you want to achieve developed status nation, you should aim for perfection. By the way, not all countries have electoral roll. Eligible voters can cast their votes by just producing their identity cards. This is to avoid manipulation and unnecessary registration mistakes, just like what is happening to our EC now. Wise up. Do the right thing!

 KSD  - I am not so concerned about the 42000 votes that have no records in the NRD. Those are worrying but dear Mr EC, I am more worried about the hundreds of thousands or even millions of foreigners who have records in the NRD and who will be voting in this election. That's the real scam. What do you have to say about that? Which country allows its elections to be decided by bogus citizens?

SAVE OUR CHILDREN  - Please dont talk rubbish, you cant have 90 people having a low cost flat as thier address, just visit the flat and there is only a family of five, so u can safely delete 85 names. Do your job or get out. There are many many people who can do a better job than you. Take some bloody responsibility

 CiViC  - Will someone just shut this dumb*ss up??!!!



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