07 April 2012

CCTV menunjukkan anak Nazri terlibat membalun Penyelia Keselamatan...

Mohamad Nedim Mohd Nazri AzizRakaman kamera litar tertutup (CCTV) berhubung insiden pergaduhan yang dikaitkan dengan anak Menteri di Jabatan Perdana Menteri Datuk Seri Nazri Aziz kini berada dalam tangan polis Brickfields.

Rakaman insiden melibatkan Nedim Mohamad, pengawal peribadinya dan pengawal keselamatan di sebuah kondominium mewah di Kuala Lumpur kini sampai kepada pegawai penyiasat, dedah sumber.

Pihak berkaitan mengesahkan kepada Malaysiakini, kes itu masih disiasat walaupun ketua polis daerah Brickfields sebelum ini mendakwa ia telah selesai.

Menurut sumber lagi, polis terkejut melihat rakaman itu apabila "lebih daripada dua orang", termasuk Nedim, terlibat memegang dan menyerang penyelia keselamatan berusia 50 tahun itu.

Ini boleh mewujudkan komplikasi dalam klasifikasi polis yang meletakkan kes itu sebagai kesalahan kecil - 'menyebabkan pergaduhan' bawah Seksyen 160 Kanun Keseksaan yang membawa hukuman penjara enam bulan, denda RM1,000 atau kedua-duanya.- malaysiakini

Video footage shows Nazri's son involved in assaulting Security Supervisor...

Brickfields police have in their possession the closed-circuit television recording of the "affray" involving the son of a cabinet minister, his bodyguard and a security guard supervisor at a posh condominium in Kuala Lumpur last month.
Mohamad Nedim Mohd Nazri Aziz 
Sources revealed that the CCTV recording involving Mohamad Nedim (right), a son of Minister in the Prime Minister's Department Nazri Abdul Aziz, Nedim's bodyguard and the security supervisor was now in the possession of the investigating officer.

People familiar with the matter also confirmed with
Malaysiakini that the case was still being investigated despite earlier claims by the Brickfields OCPD (Officer in Charge of Police District) that it had been wrapped up.

Sources familiar with the incident said the police were surprised to find in the video footage that "more than two persons", including Nedim, were involved in holding and assaulting the 50-year-old security supervisor.

This may create complications in the police's classification of the case as a minor offence - ‘causing affray' under section 160 of the Penal Code.  Under this section, anyone found guilty faces a punishment of up to six months' jail or a fine of RM1,000, or both.

reported on March 23 that the security supervisor of the high-end condominium in Mont Kiara was allegedly assaulted by Nedim and his bodyguard. Nedim drove a Porsche sports car to the condominium, followed by a luxury MPV driven by his bodyguard.

The bodyguard alighted from his car to have personal particulars recorded on behalf of both drivers, but the condominium guards insisted that they did so separately.
  An argument ensued, resulting in the supervisor being called in to mediate.

Argument and fracas at condo entrance

The bodyguard claimed that the person in the Porsche was a 'Tengku' (a member of the royalty), but the supervisor explained that condo management required the registration of drivers of all vehicles entering the compound.

This resulted in the VIP's son alighting from his Porsche, while the bodyguard and his friends assaulted the 50-year-old security supervisor, according to sources who had viewed the video footage. It is learnt that Nazri's son also struck the supervisor.

A police report was subsequently made by the supervisor, who was slightly injured during the altercation.
Mohamad Nedim's bodyguard had lodged a counter police report alleging that the security supervisor was rude and started the fracas.

A day after
Malaysiakini reported the incident, Brickfields OCPD Wan Abdul Bari Wan Abdul Khalid denied that Nazri's son was involved in the fist-fight, with The Star quoting him as saying that the case involved just the bodyguard and a security guard.

Wan Abdul Bari also said then that the police have already completed their probe into the matter and that the investigation papers were sent to the Attorney-General's Chambers on whether charges would be laid.

PKR vice-president N Surendran and Youth chief Shamsul Iskandar Mohd Akin had
urged the police to conduct an independent and impartial investigation into the case. Shamsul Iskandar went further to claim that Nedim was also allegedly involved in an incident resulting in the death of a young man, Darren Kang, in 2004.

Puchong MP Gobind Singh Deo has also called on Nazri to cease issuing any statement on matters pertaining to the law, especially if it involved the attorney-general or the AG's Chambers.

"It could be interpreted as a clear case of conflict," said Gobind, who is DAP legal bureau chairperson.- malaysiakini

Reclassify Nedim's case, lawyer tells police...

The police have been asked to explain why they had issued a statement absolving the involvement of a minister’s son in an assault case at a posh condominium in Kuala Lumpur last month although the CCTV footage had implicated him.
Mohamad Nedim Mohd Nazri AzizPKR vice president N Surendran in a statement said that on Mar 24, Brickfields district police chief Wan Abdul Bari had rushed to publicly clear Minister in the Prime Minister’s Department Nazri Abdul Aziz’s son Mohamad Nedim (left) of any involvement in the assault.

From the CCTV footage, it is clear now that the police may have tried to cover-up this case, he added.

Surendran was referring to
Malaysiakini’s report today that police were surprised to find in the CCTV recording that “more than two persons” including Nedim were involved in holding and assaulting a 50-year-old security supervisor at the condominium.

He also urged the police to explain why this case was classified as the minor offence of affray under Section 160 of the Penal Code, when the security supervisor had clearly stated in his police report that he had been assaulted and force was used on him.

“The CCTV footage now backs up his allegations. We call upon the police to reclassify this case as assault, use of criminal force and causing of hurt under Penal Code sections 321, 350 and 351.

“Once again the police leadership have proven that they are prepared to disregard the law and abuse their powers in order to protect and defend Umno/BN and its leaders,” he added.

The prominent lawyer also urged the Inspector General of Police (IGP) to transfer the assault case from Brickfields police headquarters to an independent investigation team.

A day after
Malaysiakini reported the incident on Mar 23, Wan Abdul Bari denied that Nazri’s son was involved in the fist-fight, with the English-language daily The Star quoting him as saying the case involved only the bodyguard and a security guard.

Surendran called for Wan Abdul Bari to be probed for abuse of power as the OCPD has “failed to carry out an impartial investigation”.

“We also call upon the home minister and the IGP to publicly guarantee to the rakyat that the police force will act fairly and impartially in all cases, including those involving wrongdoing by Umno/BN leaders or their family members,” he said.
- malaysiakini


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