03 June 2017

Sekoq lagi pemandu mabuk todi...

Sikap perpuakan dan perpecahan yang semakin menonjol di kalangan sebahagian pemimpin dan pengikut PAS kepada rakyat Malaysia amat dikesali.

Malang lagi apabila ada pemimpin PAS seolah-olah mengeluarkan ‘fatwa’ bahawa mereka yang tidak menyokong agenda parti itu untuk meminda Akta Mahkamah Syariah (RUU355) tidak layak memasuki masjid.

“Adalah sangat memalukan buat seorang ustaz tidak tahu bahawa Islam itu bertapak dengan sifat-sifat universal yang sinonim dengan semua lapisan masyarakat.

“Bulan Ramadan merupakan bulan yang mulia, inilah masanya kita ingin memupuk semangat perpaduan di kalangan masyarakat dan tempayan yang terbaik adalah sebuah masjid,” kata Bendahari DAPSY Selangor, Mohamad Shakir Ameer.

Beliau menempelak kenyataan Setiausaha Dewan Ulama PAS Selangor, Muhammad Najhan Halim seperti dilapor FreeMalaysiaToday semalam bahawa orang bukan Islam yang tidak menyokong RUU355 tidak patut memasuki masjid.

“Ini adalah sesuatu kenyataan yang tidak bertanggungjawab dan tidak masuk akal

“Saya sangat pelik dengan Pan-Malaysian Islamic Party (PAS) sekarang, dahulu mereka yang mengajak bukan islam berbuka puasa sekali, kini lain pula ceritanya.

“Bagi saya, PAS kini menunjukkan belangnya dengan menggunakan alasan kekurangan sokongan terhadap RUU355 untuk melagakan hubungan di antara orang Islam dan bukan Islam,” katanya.

Menurut Shakir, sikap tidak bertanggungjawab yang semakin ditonjolkan pemimpin PAS kononnya demi menegakkan Islam melalui cara sedemikian amat berbahaya kepada masyarakat berbilang kaum dan agama. –Roketkini.com

Show us proof 1MDB money 
is still there,Dr.M tells Apandi...

As Singapore concludes its two-year review of the banks involved in 1MDB-related transactions, Parti Pribumi Bersatu Malaysia (Bersatu) chairperson Dr Mahathir Mohamad finds it preposterous for Malaysia to insist that all is well with the state fund.

Mahathir’s comments come amid investigations and prosecution related to the 1MDB scandal continuing in various countries.

“It is well-known that criminal acts in the government do not constitute official secrets. In fact, it is the duty of everyone in the government or outside the government to report such crimes.

“It is absurd if the Malaysian government insists there is nothing wrong with 1MDB when other countries are arresting people, closing banks and declaring that massive money laundering is done involving 1MDB money.

“If really there have been no wrongdoings, then the attorney-general must show proof that the money is all there, safe and sound,” Mahathir said in a posting on his blog today.

Among others, Mahathir pointed out that Singapore had shut down two banks, arrested, fined and jailed seven people, over the 1MDB scandal.

He noted that the US Department of Justice had identified and frozen US$1 billion in properties that supposedly came from funds misappropriated from 1MDB, while the Swiss are also investigating the scandal.

Scathing 1MDB media reports worldwide

He said media reports about 1MDB throughout the world were similarly scathing, and would have been defamatory to Najib if untrue.

“But at home, all that happens is that the attorney-general simply declared that the prime minister has not committed any wrongdoings. This was corroborated by the prime minister.

“In the face of all these allegations, reports, statements and worldwide condemnations, shouldn’t the attorney-general open again the police investigations on the shenanigans involved in the management of 1MDB money and remove the reports by Bank Negara, the Malaysian Anti-Corruption Commission and the auditor-general, from the Official Secrets Act?” he asked.

Amid the 1MDB scandal, Najib has consistently denied using public funds for personal gain.

Attorney-general Mohamed Apandi Ali, who had cleared Najib of wrongdoing, said the RM2.6 billion deposit into Najib’s personal bank account was a donation from a member of the Saudi royal family, and that most of it has been returned.

In addition, Apandi said, Najib had no knowledge of the RM42 million funds from former 1MDB subsidiary SRC International that were transferred into his personal bank account.- mk

Mahathir cabar AG: Buktikan wang 1MDB masih ada

Photo published for 5 tahfiz students killed, 9 injured in Kuala Krai crash

Well at least someone else cares.   But sadly that is not the majority view.

1.  A few months back, another EIGHT young kids, all Malays, were killed in Johor when a car driven by a young girl ploughed into them as they were riding bicycles in the wee hours of the morning.  EIGHT people getting killed is like mass murder.  What has happened in that case?  Someone should be held responsible.  No one has been held responsible for  EIGHT deaths.  The driver of the car is an obvious party. But what were young teenagers doing cycling in the middle of the road at 2 am or  3 am in the morning? Can we prevent this tragedy from happening again?   Nope. I am afraid not. It will happen again.

2.  Now in Kelantan, another EIGHT tahfiz students have been killed in a road accident. They were crammed inside one vehicle. There is no way a van had seat belts for eight people. What happened to that "rear seat belts" campaign? Only for KL cars kah? Who or what caused the accident? Who checks on things like this?  Can we prevent this tragedy from happening again?   Nope. I am afraid not. It will happen again.

3.  10 people died in Kedah from eating tainted food at a wedding khenduri. Food poisoning.  No one was held responsible.  If it was not mass murder, then it was certainly man slaughter.  No one seems to care.  I have been reminding people about that case for years now.  The years are going by. Can we prevent this tragedy from happening again?   Nope. I am afraid not. It will happen again.

4.  FOUR people were drowned when TNB released water from a dam at the Cameron Highlands.  The years are going by too. No one has been held responsible.  The TNB CEO at that time promised an "international panel of experts" to study the tragedy.  It was all just bullshit.  No information has been made public by TNB about the cause of those FOUR deaths.  I believe the dead included an Indon and an Orang Asli. Who cares about them anyway. Can we prevent this tragedy from happening again?   Nope. I am afraid not. It will happen again.

5.  A pedestrian bridge collapsed at the ECO City development in Kuala Lumpur.  A GLC is the developer. (I believe it is a Khazanah subsidiary).  FOUR people were killed. Again no one has been held responsible for those four deaths.  It was most certainly a design error.  I stopped and took pictures of the collapsed structure.  The horizontal beams (very solid and heavy steel girders) were attached to the lip of a thin concrete platform with no vertical support beneath. The thin concrete crumbled like a cookie and the beams fell on the workers below.  Whoever is responsible, serious negligence was involved.  But this is Malaysia. It is ok to kill people through your negligence. (Unless you kill a VIP of course).    I believe the dead included an Indon and a Bangla.  Who cares about them anyway. Can we prevent this tragedy from happening again?   Nope. I am afraid not. It will happen again.

6.  There is also the horror story about the cadet student at the Defense University who was murdered by his college mates.  This time 36 people have been arrested over his death.  I hope all 36 are sent off to jail (ya lah I know, if they are found responsible). Yes it is a question of numbers. Causing human death is not trivial. Imagine if your son or brother was beaten and burned with a hot iron until he died.  Why did this happen at a university?  Universities are usually places where you go to become more civilised.   It appears that even universities are not helping Malaysians become more civilised. Can we prevent this tragedy from happening again?   Nope. I am afraid not. It will happen again.

7.  Yesterday (2nd June 2017) over in Sabah, the Maritime Enforcement Agency has officially called off a 126 day search (since January 2017) for FIVE missing people (mostly Chinese tourists) who were part of 28 people involved in a boat mishap when a catamaran overturned. Four people were already drowned in the mishap.  Now we have to add another FIVE. Nine people in total lost their lives.  Does anyone care? Will anyone be held responsible? Were they travelling at speed? Was the weather bad? Were they wearing safety vests? Was the cataramaran seaworthy? The dead and missing were mostly  Chinese tourists.  Who gives a shit about Chinese tourists anyway? Can we prevent this tragedy from happening again?   Nope. I am afraid not. It will happen again.

Folks, our country has sizeable numbers of inhuman, not fully civilised and basically barbaric people.  I am referring to you dear reader.

It was your sister, daughter, relative, friend who drove that car in Johor that killed eight people. 

It was your brother, son, relative, friend who drove that van in Kelantan that killed eight students. 

It was your brother, son, daughter, relative, friend who worked for TNB who was responsible for that dam accident (pre and post) in Cameron Highlands.

It was your brother, son, relative, friend who was the caterer in Kedah who was responsible for 10 deaths from food poisoning. 

It was your brother, daughter, son, relative, friend who worked for the GLCs who were responsible for that pedestrian bridge collapse in Eco City.

It was your brother, son, relative, friend who joined 36 others in torturing and murdering a fellow student at the Defense University. 

It was your brother, son, relative, friend who drives boats or inspects boats or runs tour companies who was responsible for that boat mishap in Sabah.

Yes of course these things happen in other countries as well. Malaysia is not the only country that suffers these types of human death tragedies, especially where people die in numbers. But I believe Malaysia is the only country in the world where no one is punished, no one is held accountable, no compensation is paid, no serious investigations are carried out, no serious recomendations are adopted OR IMPLEMENTED even when EIGHT PEOPLE, NINE PEOPLE or 10 PEOPLE are killed.


This could be a mix of the racism, religious indoctrination or the plain 'TIDAK APA' attitude that so defines Malaysians. That means YOU too. 

Here is another bit of Malaysian reality :  When a road accident happens people stop and stare. The question they ask about the accident victims is (this is from a real accident case ok)  'Dia itu bangsa apa?' This applies to all races. The decision to stop and help a human being who has been hurt in a road accident  can be determined by race.

You dont need the New Economic Policy, abolish the New Economic Policy, change the Education System, introduce English again, separate religion from the State etc to change these types of poor attitudes. 

You just need more civilisation. It starts with you. If we begin to care, then there will be change. The country will become a better place. We just have to care more for the human beings who cohabit our living spaces.  Start today folks. - ostb

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