23 June 2014

MH370 - Sekarang Kapten Zaharie jadi suspek utama...

Sebuah akhbar luar negara melaporkan bahawa Kapten Zaharie Ahmad Shah kini menjadi suspek yang bertanggungjawab terhadap kehilangan pesawat MH370. – Gambar fail The Malaysian Insider, 22 Jun, 2014.
Keluarga dan rakan juruterbang MH370, marah laporan tidak bertanggungjawab ...

Keluarga dan rakan-rakan juruterbangan pesawat Malaysia Airlines MH370, Kapten Zaharie Ahmad Shah marah dengan laporan terkini Sunday Times yang menamakan beliau sebagai suspek utama dalam kehilangan pesawat itu.

Mereka juga menafikan tuduhan yang dilontarkan kepada Zaharie dalam laporan itu, menyifatkannya sebagai laporan tidak bertanggungjawab kerana ia tidak menamakan sebarang sumber.

"Ia hanya menyebut polis cawangan khas. Beri kami nama. Siapa yang mengatakan semua ini? Polis Malaysia juga perlu memberi kenyataan mengenai perkara ini," kata Dr Mohd Ghouse Mohd Noor, kenalan kepada keluarga Zaharie. 

Kami tidak mempertahankan Kapten Zaharie membuta tuli tetapi setiap kenyataan perlu disokong dengan bukti yang kuat dan jika tidak, ia akan berakhir sebagai hanya satu lagi spekulasi," katanya.

Mohd Ghouse berkata keluarga kapten amat kecewa selepas membaca laporan berita awal hari ini. – tmi

Family, friends angry over report naming pilot prime suspect in MH370 disappearance...

They have also rubbished the accusations levelled at Captain Zaharie in the report, describing it as irresponsible reporting as it did not name its sources.

“It merely mentioned special branch police. Give us names. Who is the person who said all this? Malaysian police also have to come up with a statement on this matter,” said Dr Mohd Ghouse Mohd Noor, a friend of Captain Zaharie’s family.

“We are not defending Captain Zaharie blindly but every statement should be backed up by substantial evidence and proof or else it would end up being just another speculation,” he said.

Ghouse said the captain’s family was upset after reading the news report earlier today.

The report in The Sunday Times in UK said that mechanical failure or terrorism has not been ruled out, but the police believed that if it was the result of human action, the captain was the most likely perpetrator.

The report, which was also carried in The Australian, said Malaysia's special branch had focused the inquiry on Captain Zaharie after intelligence checks failed to substantiate any suspicions about the other people on board the jet.

Deriding the report as “an example of gutter journalism", Ghouse said: “I read it carefully. The reporting was very vague. It said Captain Zaharie is a prime suspect if it was the result of human action.

“They do not even know what happened to the plane. Find the black box, find the plane first and put everything on the table before coming out to blame Captain Zaharie,” he said.

He also said there was a vacuum in such reporting which opened the door to speculation and allegations.

“An article like this will be carried by other news entities like Daily Mail and Mirror.

“Whatever was in today’s article is only a repeat of the previous allegations which have been denied by police,” said Ghouse.

Captain Zaharie had come under scrutiny in the early days after the plane's disappearance following the discovery of a flight simulator in his home with drills rehearsing a flight far out into the southern Indian Ocean and a landing on an island with a short runway.

These drills had been deleted from the simulator but experts had managed to retrieve them.

The pilot had made no secret of his unusual hobby, creating aviation videos that were posted on the Internet.

The report, however, said the criminal inquiry relied on circumstantial evidence and does not solve the riddle of MH370.

The report said the initial results of the inquiry have not been published but have been shared with foreign governments and investigators. They were disclosed by people in the aviation industry and government officials in Southeast Asia.

The report quoted a spokesman for the Malaysian police as saying: “The police investigation is still ongoing. To date no conclusions can be made as to the contributor to the incident and it would be sub judice to say so. Nevertheless, the police are still looking into all possible angles.

”MH370 carrying 239 passengers and crew disappeared from the radar on March 8 after it had left Kuala Lumpur bound for Beijing.

A mammoth international search operation has so far failed to find any trace of the Boeing 777-200ER aircraft. – tmi

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