11 February 2011

Mubarak is here to stay....

Hosni Mubarak has transferred all powers of presidency to his vice president, but remains Egypt’s “de jure head of state,” the Egyptian ambassador to Washington said yesterday.

Speaking after Mubarak stopped short of saying he was ending his 30-year rule in an address to Egyptians, Ambassador Sameh Shoukry told CNN: “President Mubarak has transferred all authority to the vice president.

Asked if Mubarak remained the head of state, Shoukry said: “He remains the de jure head of state.” He said Vice President Omar Suleiman “is the de facto president”.

The ambassador said he had been told by the vice president himself that “President Mubarak has transferred all authority to the vice president.”

Suleiman, he said, was “now undertaking all the authority of the president under the constitution.”

Hundreds of thousands of demonstrators in a Cairo square calling for Mubarak’s ouster chanted “Leave! Leave!” after Mubarak’s speech, in which he said he was transferring powers to the vice president.

source— Reuters



mangchikla said...

Seelok eloknyer , biar mobarak, suleiman dan general2 tua menerima nasib yg sama macam general2 Iran masa jatuhnyer Shah Iran spt gambar kat sini . Ada persamaan mobarak ngan shah iran dalam 'Its da blowback, Stoopid'

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