07 January 2017

Antara Saifuddin & Nasharuddin sapa makan dedak...(updated)

PKR dan DAP adalah dua daripada tiga parti yang menganggotai Pakatan Harapan. Satu lagi parti yang turut menjadi anggota Pakatan Harapan ialah Amanah.

Apabila Setiausaha Agung PKR, Saifuddin Nasution dilantik sebagai Penasihat Strategik kepada Ketua Menteri Pulau Pinang, Lim Guan Eng daripada DAP, lidah rasmi Pas iaitu Harakahdaily menyifatkannya sebagai "dedak" untuk mengikat PKR.

Itulah dedak yang ditabur supaya individu atau pihak yang dilantik akan terikat, kata tulisan itu lagi.

Di mana logiknya lantikan itu adalah dedak yang bertujuan mengikat sedangkan PKR dan DAP sudah saling bersama, bekerjasama dan mempunyai ikatan rasmi dalam Pakatan Harapan?

Lebih dari itu, dalam kerajaan negeri Pulau Pinang sendiri, wakil PKR sudah pun diberi jawatan Timbalan Ketua Menteri dan beberapa Exco sejak 2008 lagi.

Yang demikian, apa peliknya jika seorang lagi wakil PKR diberi jawatan penting dalam kerajaan negeri?

Bandingkan pula dengan Nasharuddin Mat Isa, bekas Timbalan Presiden Pas dan masih merupakan ahli Pas yang dilantik sebagai Ketua Pegawai Eksekutif Yayasan Gerakan Kesederhanaan Global  sejak 2015 lagi.

Yayasan tersebut ditubuhkan oleh Najib Razak atas kapasitinya sebagai Perdana Menteri daripada UMNO dan BN yang bertujuan untuk memupuk semangat kesederhaan. 

Sebelum itu, jawatan Ketua Pegawai Eksekutif Yayasan Gerakan Kesederhanaan Global disandang oleh Saiffudin Abdullah, bekas Timbalan Menteri Pengajian Tinggi setelah tewas dalam pilihanraya 2013.

Saifuddin  Abdullah melepaskan jawatan apabila membuat keputusan meninggalkan UMNO untuk menyertai PKR. Maknanya, Saifuddin sedar prasyarat memegang jawatan itu ialah sama ada ahli UMNO atau mesti menyokong Najib.

Berbeza dengan perlantikan Saifuddin oleh Lim Guan Eng dalam kerajaan negeri Pulau Pinang di mana PKR dan DAP saling mempunyai ikatan rasmi, sebaliknya perlantikan Nasharuddin oleh Najib dalam keadaan Pas dan UMNO tidak mempunyai sebarang ikatan persefahaman langsung.

Jadi, siapa sebenarnya sedang ditabur dedak bertujuan untuk mengikat? - SH

Saudi Royal Donation Or Suspicious Transaction?
Saudi Royal Donation Or Suspicious Transaction?
Was JoLo Issued Another IC and 
Malaysian Passport as "Eric Tan Kim Loong"?

So far among the cast of characters in the 1MDB trials that have begun in Singapore the names Yak Yew Chee, Yeo Jia Wei, Yvonne Seah, Eric Tan Kim Loong, JoLo and one Mat Salleh Jans Sturzenigger have been mentioned in Court.

This one name Eric Tan Kim Loong is a mystery.    I am sure many of you have read the latest report from The Thingy.  They suggest that the Eric Tan Kim Loong character and JoLo are both one and the same.

Today Godfather has sent in this comment  (Thank you bro. Bila mau teh tarik?) 

Anonymous said...

Is it really that difficult to trace the IP of the Eric Tan gmail account ? I suspect the Swiss and the Americans know. And what you delete from that account, you can recover those emails.

When you open an account, you must give the bank some identification documents like your IC or passport.  You must appear in person. So Falcon must have Eric Tan's details unless those details are forged and the person never appeared in the bank. That's a whole lot of criminal offences.

The way the charges are framed by Singapore, I think Falcon accepted photocopies of identification documents without verification.

Saturday, January 07, 2017 9:47:00 AM

Godfather, this is just another case of theft. Simple thievery.  Somewhere along the line, it will involve the nitty gritty of  thievery. Fake Saudi Arabian prince, fake ID, fake rented yacht, fake rented offices in London, hiding behind doors, forged signatures, forged letters, forged letterheads and the whole schbang.

I am told that when the kampong boys first visited the crooky guys offices in London or somewhere, they even faked the office. They rented temporary offices, put up fake signboards, hired temporary and pretty Mat Salleh secretaries carrying files, typing letters etc like a genuine office.  This really did impress the kampong boys. 

I will not be surprised at all if Eric Tan Kim Loong is a fake name and id issued to JoLo just for this purpose. 

It cannot be a fake Singapore ID.  They are very strict. I suspect it could be a Malaysian "genuine" fake ID. Meaning they were really able to generate a new IC and a new Malaysian passport for the name Eric Tan Kim Loong.

So there was no need to use photocopy documents (although that is a possibility).

With a genuine fake IC and passport, JoLo could just walk into Falcon Bank or BSI Bank (on a Monday and maybe wearing a disguise)  and introduce himself as Eric Tan Kim Loong with a genuine Malaysian IC and Passport saying so and then proceed to open his accounts as Eric Tan Kim Loong. Plus he already had accomplices inside BSI Bank and Falcon Bank who have now been jailed in Singapore.  This would have been done years ago, and before the funds were stolen.  
If Sarawak Report has sussed this out it is maybe because someone has tipped off Claire Rewcastle Brown. Maybe from Singapore. 

This is therefore explosive. Very explosive. If it is true that Eric Tan is JoLo with a genuine Malaysian IC and passport, then the next question will be 'How did JoLo / Eric Tan get a genuine fake Malaysian IC and passport? It has to go back to Putrajata. 

In conclusion : What is Singapore's Squeeze? What the hell is that? What can they squeeze ? - ostb

Ali Hamsa Lantik KSU Okt 2015 ,Walaupun Terlibat Rasuah Sejak 2010

Baca  Kenyataan Media berikut...

Naik Pangkat jadi KSU Walau Terlibat Rasuah?

It seems that this fellow has been quite the character throughout his tenure in the Civil Service. Here is a blog site that talks about his history

The point raised by Mahfouz is relevant. How did Ali Hamsa the KSN appoint this fellow to the KSU of the KKLWXYZ Ministry in 2015 when the SPRM says the same fellow was already under suspicion for corruption since 2010?

Ali Hamsa ini tidur ke? 

When I was on the MACC's Advisory Panel we did bring this matter up. Before promoting / transferring higher ranking civil servants isnt there any vetting done by the MACC / SPRM?  

The MACC replied that prior to promoting any civil servant, there is an SOP to have them vetted for corruption by the MACC. This applies for all ranks of Civil Servants including peons and clerical staff.

SPRM nampak RM2.6 juta tapi RM2.6 bilion tak jumpa...

For example I had to provide my name and IC number (I suppose for security vetting) when a brother-in-law of mine was appointed as the 2nd Finance Minister (under Slumberjack).   

Meaning the gomen does have its SOPs and vetting procedures. So how come this KSU fellow was appointed by Ali Hamsa in 2015 when the MACC has obviously opened an investigation file on him for corrupt practises since 2010?

The person to answer this intriguing question is none other than Ali Hamsa the KSN.  Plus also the MACC.

Ok here is the other side of the coin.
This fellow is obviously a sidekick of his boss Ismail Sabri who is the Minister of the KKLWXYZ.  If you see his career path : 

1. TKSU Kem Perdagangan Dalam Negeri, Koperasi dan Kepenggunaan;

2. KSU Kementerian Pertanian Dan Industri Asas Tani  dan terakhir 

3. KSU Kementerian Kemajuan Luar Bandar, Wilayah (KKLW) 16 Okt 2015.

The minister at the relevant Ministries above was none other than Ismail Sabri. Dia ikut Ismail Sabri.

One comment sent into this blog said that his boss Ismail Sabri was getting ambitious in UMNO and is aiming for a  Vice President's slot.  Obviously there are parties inside UMNO who want to shoot him down. Hence the arrest of his sidekick is a warning to Ismail.  So the comment says. - ostb

Dr M: Najib's FDI via land sales 
like selling S'pore to colonial Britain...

Prime Minister Najib Abdul Razak's move to attract Foreign Direct Investment (FDI) by selling Malaysian land is akin to selling Singapore to Great Britain during the colonial era, according to Dr Mahathir Mohamad.

"The result does not benefit us at all. Much of the most valuable land would be owned and occupied by foreigners. They would become foreign land.

"When we sold the Singapore island to the Brits, we must know that Singapore with all its wealth and development has become a foreign country.

"We cannot be proud of its achievement anymore than we can of the development of other countries in the world," said the former prime minister in a blog posting today.

Mahathir said Malaysia's approach to FDI in the past was different as the focus was on attracting foreign manufacturers to create employment and products locally for export.

"FDI solved most of our unemployment problem and enriched the country through industrialisation and inflow of capital. A large amount of the capital was raised domestically.

"But today, Najib's government has given a new definition to FDI.

"He regards foreigners bringing in money to buy land and develop towns and cities where their people would come and stay as foreign direct investment," he added.

One such example, he said, was Forest City in Johor, developed by a China-based company.

"Already thousands of units have been completed and sold to mainland Chinese. Bloomberg reports that 700,000 mainland Chinese would stay there," he claimed.

The said Bloomberg article did not explicitly state that the 700,000 new homes would be occupied by mainland Chinese but it noted that this would be the target market for sales.

The report added that there are some 60 similar projects within Iskandar Malaysia around Johor Bahru which could add another 500,000 homes.

"Typically Chinese contractors prefer to bring in their own workers, architects and engineers.

"Few Malaysians would be employed in these projects and few Malaysians would be able to buy the flats being built," said Mahathir.

The former premier claimed that in most countries, foreigners are not allowed to buy land and would only be granted contracts to carry out developments.

However, he said this does not appear to be the case in Malaysia, which he described as "generous".

"Certainly what they build (in other countries) would not be for huge numbers of foreign people to occupy almost exclusively.

"We claim that these foreigners would not stay permanently in the enclaves they develop. We claim they would stay here only for the winter months.

"Can we imagine for nine months these towns and cities would be empty - the shops, flats, offices, hotels, and recreation areas being closed.

"They would become ghost cities and towns. Empty roads and streets. Empty shopping complexes. It is absurd," he added.

Mahathir said Malaysia cannot allow thousands of acres of land to be owned, developed and settled by foreigners.

"If we do that they would literally become foreign enclaves, troublesome for local authorities to manage. Indeed difficult even for the central government to manage," he said.

He added that Malaysians are capable of developing their own lands even though it might not be on a massive scale with huge capital.

Mahathir said further concern was raised when Najib announced he succeeded in securing RM150 billion in FDI during his trip to China in November.

"I am sure that most of this FDI would involve selling land, government and 1MDB's land to pay the debts which everyone knows have been incurred by them.

"We are going to see large chunks of Malaysia being developed by foreign buyers and being occupied by them.

"Eventually, they would demand for citizenship and they would participate in Malaysian politics including in elections.

"Whatever ideology they believe in might change the colour of Malaysian politics," he added.

When that happens, Mahathir said there would be nothing to be proud of even if Malaysia becomes magnificently developed as it would be owned and occupied by foreigners.

In 2014, Malaysiakini highlighted the Forest City project, which is linked to the Johor royal family.

The following year, Malaysiakini highlighted the "enormous" social impact it would have due to foreign population, as stated in its detailed environmental impact assessment (DEIA) report as well as long-term environmental challenges. - mk

Photo published for Najib Razak appears secure, but looks can deceive


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