31 January 2016

Switzerland kata, US$4b dibalun daripada 1MDB...

Pihak berkuasa di Switzerland yang menyiasat 1MDB mendapati kira2 AS$4 bilion (RM16.8 bilion) daripada syarikat Malaysia disalahgunakan, dengan sebahagiannya dipindahkan ke beberapa bank Swiss oleh pegawai dari Malaysia dan UAE, lapor The Wall Street Journal (WSJ)..

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Tunai permintaan Switzerland, jangan jadi negara ‘pariah’...

Kerajaan Malaysia harus berkerjasama dengan pendakwa raya Switzerland yang melakukan siasatan terhadap 1Malaysia Development Berhad (1MDB) apabila mendapati kira-kira AS$4 bilion (RM16.8 bilion) daripada syarikat itu didakwa disalahguna, dengan sebahagiannya dipindahkan ke beberapa akaun bank Swiss oleh pegawai dari Malaysia dan Emiriyah Arab Bersatu.

Gesaan itu dibuat oleh bekas Menteri Kabinet Datuk Zaid Ibrahim, kerana kegagalan Malaysia memberi kerjasama berhubung permintaan tersebut, akan menyebabkan negara dilabel sebagai negara ‘pariah’ kerana membiarkan aktiviti jenayah.

“Jika mereka (Malaysia) mahu jadi sebahagian komuniti dunia bertamadun, menghormati undang-undang, mereka mestilah patuh kepada kepada arahan yang diberi dengan memberi kesemua maklumat yang diminta pihak berkuasa Switzerland,” katanya.

Zahid yang juga bekas menteri undang-undang berkata, tugas tersebut bukannya tugas muktlak Peguam Negara semata-mata, sebaliknya ia juga menjadi tanggungjawab Kabinet untuk mengeluarkan arahan kerana mereka mempunyai kuasa.


Katanya, anggapan rakyat bahawa kuasa undang-undang ini terletak kepada Peguam Negara adalah tidak tepat kerana Kabinet berhak mengarahkan Peguam Negara untuk bertindak.

“Rakyat selalu fikir peguam negara ada banyak kuasa, beliau tidak, beliau mungkin nampak begitu, tetapi sebenarnya tidak berkuasa. Beliau (Peguam Negara) tidak ada kuasa menutup pasukan petugas khas, beliau tidak berkuasa menghentikan siasatan terhadap SPRM, beliau tidak ada semua itu,” katanya.

Zaid juga berkata, rakyat negara ini sepatutnya malu sekiranya pemerintah negara ini tidak bertindak di atas permintaan pihak berkuasa Switzerland.

Terdahulu pihak berkuasa Switzerland mengeluarkan kenyataan bahawa kira-kira AS$4 bilion (RM16.8 bilion) daripada syarikat Malaysia disalahgunakan, dengan sebahagiannya dipindahkan ke beberapa bank Swiss oleh pegawai dari Malaysia. - fmt 

The Kedah Saga continues...

The fiasco was created by none other than Najib Razak’s own stooges, in the hopes to seize whatever power they perceive to gain before the run up of 2018 general election.

The comment is as below:

To deflect scorns heaped on them for the move to topple Datuk Mukhriz Mahathir, the mutineers and their ilk have “moralised” the plot on grounds that Tun Dr Mahathir Mohamad, when he was Prime Minister had removed a Kedah Mentri Besar despite opposition from the majority of the State Assemblymen.

To them, if Dr Mahathir, the father of Mukhriz, can remove Tan Sri Osman Aroff, why can’t the current Prime Minister Datuk Seri Najib Tun Razak support their demand for the removal of Mukhriz?

Superficially, their ground sounds acceptable.

But a little scratching on the surface reveals there are numerous fundamental flaws to their justification and in fact, is hypocritical and of course, self-serving.

Firstly, Osman Aroff was removed in 1996, more than 11 years in office and by the time he resigned; he was already saddled with allegations of corruption, including a very public disclosure by one Syed Mansor Syed Salim.

Osman Aroff’s earlier threat of suing Syed Mansor and later reneging from pursuing it had scandalised the Mentri Besar, his office and Umno as well.

Lest people forget, two high-profiled scandals that dogged Osman Aroff were the Jerai International Park and the Kerpan tiger prawn-rearing project.

Secondly, the removal of Osman Aroff was pursued by Dr Mahathir, who himself is a Kedahan and the State Umno leader meaning that he would have the pulse of the state in his hand and his decision would have taken into consideration the impact of such move to the people in the State.

Thirdly, the push to remove Osman Aroff was not initiated by “unsuccessful” or failed politicians but rather by those who had successfully ensured a sound victory for Umno and Barisan Nasional in the 1995 general elections.

Tun Dr Mahathir and Osman Aroff
Mahathir and Osman Aroff

If fact, there was popular belief among Kedahans that Osman Aroff’s continued leadership would lead to Kedah falling to the Opposition in the subsequent election in particular because of the scandalous Kerpan project.

Juxtapose this to the move to remove Mukhriz.

He is only in his third year in office and not scandalised whatsoever. In fact, he is highly regarded among Kedahans and that cuts across party lines.

Secondly, the move to remove Mukhriz is initiated by those who had lost Kedah in the 2008 general election to the Opposition.

In desperation, the likes of Datuk Ahmad Bashah Md Hanifah, chief mutineer and supported by Datuk Seri Mahadzir Khalid the Mentri Besar who lost the State in 2008, were prepared to turn to Mukhriz and agreed to him being made the Mentri Besar merely to win back the state.

This is not taking into consideration the likes of Datuk Seri Jamil Khir Baharom and he had yet to convincingly clear himself up over the Yapeim foundation scandals regarding the use of public contributions in his overseas trips and purchase of a golf simulator.

In the line up was also Datuk Seri Azeez Rahim who chairs the national Pilgrimage Fund board or Tabung Haji. He too had not been able to convince the public over last year’s move to allegedly attempt to bailout the scandalous 1MDB sovereign fund by using the savings of pilgrims to buy a piece of land at an inflated price.

Being the more senior politicians, it was with their consent that Najib, who was also then desperate to win back Kedah, in the hope to affirm his position as the new Prime Minister, announced during the campaign in the State that Mukhriz would be the Mentri Besar if BN won.

Najib and Bashah
Najib and Bashah

In other words, Mukhriz is an important item in the Kedah BN manifesto in the 2013 general election. By removing Mukhriz, it means that Najib had reneged from a manifesto promise, against his own dictum of “Janji Ditepati (Fulfilling Promises)”.

As far as election manifestoes go, a promise made must be kept until the end of the term, meaning if Najib wants to remove Mukhriz, the least he could have done is to wait until the next election.

Furthermore, an election promise is to the people of Kedah and not merely an Umno/BN affair. To remove Mukhriz merely on the whims of self-serving Umno politicians is an insult to the people of Kedah.

If Najib and his Kedah apparatchiks insist that Mukhriz had lost the popular support, a survey conducted by the Information Department, a Federal agency, on more than 10,000 Kedahans over a period of two days (20 Jan to 21 Jan and adopting the snowball technique) showed 97 per cent of the respondents want Mukhriz to remain their Mentri Besar.

If that is not enough to convince Najib and the apparatchiks, they should get an independent body to conduct such surveys on themselves.

But until and unless they do that, they have to accept the popular sentiment – the rakyat has had enough of them. - jebatmustdie


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