08 January 2016

3 dari 4 mahasiswa tak cukup duit nak makan...

Tiga daripada empat pelajar di universiti awam mengaku berada dalam situasi tidak mampu untuk membeli makanan, menurut kajian yang dijalankan sebuah NGO Pertubuhan Sukarelawan Muslim Malaysia (MVM).

Kaji selidik terhadap 25,632 mahasiswa daripada enam buah universiti itu mendapati 57 peratus daripada mereka hanya memperuntukkan RM5 sehari untuk makanan, 44 peratus makan mee segera manakala 41 peratus hanya makan nasi dengan telur goreng dan sos.

Kajian ini juga mendapati 96 peratus daripada mereka berada di bawah tekanan ekonomi, manakala 97 peratus berkata mereka mahu menggunakan bantuan kewangan daripada MVM

Kajian itu dijalankan ke atas mahasiswa Universiti Tekonologi Mara, Universiti Malaya, Universiti Islam Antarabangsa (UIA), Universiti Kebangsaan Malaysia, Universiti Utara Malaysia dan Universiti Tun Hussein Onn Malaysia.

Kaji selidik itu dibuat selepas tersebar nota dari seorang pelajar di sebuah masjid di media sosial baru-baru ini.

Dalam nota tanpa nama yang ditujukan kepada sebuah jawatankuasa masjid, pelajar tersebut memohon maaf kerana "meminjam" beberapa ringgit daripada tabung masjid untuk membeli makanan, selepas beberapa hari tidak makan makanan berkhasiat.

Mengulas kaji selidik berkenaan, Ketua Biro Mahasiswa PKR, Fahmi Zainol menggesa kerajaan menyalurkan bantuan keperluan asas buat mahasiswa termasuk makanan percuma

"Jika Kerajaan tidak mampu berbuat sedemikian, kerajaan patut malu pada mahasiswa

"Ramai kelompok mahasiswa dengan usaha mereka sendiri menjalankan program makanan percuma buat rakan-rakan Universiti mereka. Walaupun mereka sendiri tidak mempunyai sumber yang mencukupi," katanya.

Terdahulu, Pensyarah UIA Mohamed Aslam Haneef meminta universiti-mewujudkan kerja sambilan di kampus untuk pelajar miskin bagi meringankan beban kewangan mereka.

Aslam juga menggesa Perbadanan Tabung Pendidikan Tinggi Nasional (PTPTN) menyemak semula pinjaman pelajar berdasarkan kos kehidupan semasa.

Pensyarah ekonomi itu juga mencadangkan, universiti membeli buku rujukan dari pelajar siswazah dan menjual semula kepada mahasiswa dengan harga subsidi seperti diamal di luar negara. - mk 

Three out of four varsity students too broke to eat...

Three out of four students in public universities in the country have admitted to being in situations where they were so broke they could not afford to eat, a survey by an NGO shows.

The survey on 25,632 students from six public universities by Muslim Volunteer Malaysia Association (MVM) found 57 percent of them saying that they allocate RM5 a day for food, 44 percent survive on instant noodles while 41 percent eat only rice with fried egg and sauce.

The study also found that 96 percent of those surveyed said they are under economic strain while 97 percent said they could use financial assistance from MVM.

The survey was conducted on students of Universiti Tekonologi Mara, Universiti Malaya, Universiti Islam Antarabangsa (UIA), Universiti Kebangsaan Malaysia, Universiti Utara Malaysia and Universiti Tun Hussein Onn Malaysia.

The findings come after a picture of a note from a student at a mosque went viral on the social media.

In the anonymous note addressed to a mosque committee, the student apologised for “borrowing” several ringgit from the mosque collection box to buy food, after several days of going without a solid meal.

The student promised to return the money when he/she could, and asked that the mosque committee pray that he/she would succeed in his/her studies.

Commenting on the survey, PKR Youth student bureau chief Fahmi Zainol urged the government to consider providing free meals to needy students.

“The government must feel ashamed if it cannot do this, because there are already student groups setting up soup kitchens on campuses to feed their fellow students, despite their own lack of resources,” Fahmi (photo) said in a statement.

UIA lecturer Mohamed Aslam Haneef had earlier called on universities to create part-time jobs in the campus for their needy students to ease their financial strain.

Aslam also urged the National Higher Education Fund Corporation (PTPTN) to review student loan rates according to the current living costs.

The economics lecturer also proposed that universities buy reference books from graduate students and re-sell them to undergraduates at a subsidised price, as commonly practised abroad.

When I read things like this I get very upset and  emotional too. I feel really sad for these young people.   I can assure that these are mostly Malay kids ok.

This brings back memories when I was a student in the US.  There was one time when I was plain broke with no food to eat at all.  Once I went without a proper meal for almost two days and it was cold too. I had a university mate  who was a MARA scholarship student. He would also be without food because his scholarship money would be late.  He once came over to my house looking for food.  I had some potatoes and we boiled it and ate it with some kicap and salt. Yummy.  His scholarship would come through in the end but I had to survive on my wits. I used to work a lot.

Anyway this is very sad news about our IPTA kids going hungry. The whole country is suffering. The university students are suffering. And the majority of these students  are Malays. Why is this happening? This is such a rich country Just go to the private universities (IPTS) and they have Starbucks and pizza on campus. Plus they are super clean.   Go to the IPTA and the cafeterias are yukky too.

If IPTA students cannot eat a proper meal how can they study? They will become weak and under nourished.  Even if they eat rice with fried egg everyday it is not nourishing enough. And the less said about instant noodles the better. I think they are chemicals packed in plastic.

The worse thing is when you do not have money even to buy a meal, how can you focus on work, study, going to lectures, playing games, going to parties and having fun which is such an integral aprt of being a young student?  Kepala otak hangpa boleh faham ke benda macam ini?  Takkan lecture, sembahyang, potong getah, lecture, sembahyang, potong getah saja - macam Mat Maslan.

In his New Year message the Prime Moron said happily that there were soup kitchens being set up. He was really very happy to say this as though soup kitchens were a great achievement of his administration.

Moron #****a &_*_#.   So what next ? Students begging for food along the sidewalk?

And here is another moron. This moron says civil servants can cook in the office. he says he is going to cook his own rice in the office...

So where will they cook? On the customer service counter? Will the jabatan Imigresen people be frying mee goreng in a kuali on the counter? 

Kalau masak sambal petai boleh bau satu ofis tak?

Can civil servants goreng ikan in the office?

Kalau mamak boleh masak mee mamak tak? Bau sampai ke Tanjong Malim.

What about kakitangan yang buke Isle...jeng....jeng...jeng..

Can they cook barang 'non halal trolley'? Jeng..jeng..jeng..

Masak dengan dapur gas ke, dapur kayu ke, dapur arang ke, dapur letrik ke?

Siapa bayar untuk gas? Or each sivil servant kena bawa dapur sendiri?

Habis waktu rehat 'lunch time' satu jam tak cukup. How can you cook, eat, wash and clean up all in one hour. You need at least two hours to cook and eat and wash up.

Habis waktu kerja macam mana?
Orang ramai kena tunggu lagi. Peduli kat depa.

Who cares for the people. They can wait.

Conclusion : Never before in the history of this country, even going to the Malacca Sultanate or before to the Majapahits, Sri Vijayas, Langkasuka and the Cholas have the Ministers been this stupid.

Dont eat chicken - Hassan Malek
Eat kangkung - Prime Moron
Work two jobs - Maslan IQ 3.85
Use 2nd hand goods - Prime Moron
Go to soup kitchens - Prime Moron
Civil Servants can cook in the office - another moron.
It never stops.-

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