18 January 2016

Antara PAS & DAP, akai sapa macam Mat Jenin...

Nak bertanding semua kerusi DAP-Amanah...

Pas bukan saja kerap mengatakan parti itu akan bertanding lebih banyak kerusi dalam PRU 14 akan datang, malah juga nekad untuk meletakkan calon-calon di semua kerusi yang ditandingi oleh Amanah dan DAP.

Terbaru Ketua Dewan Ulama Pas, Mahfodz Mohamed mengulangi lagi perkara yang sama seolah-olah Amanah dan DAP sudah jadi musuh utama.

Tidak salah untuk Pas bertanding banyak mana kerusi pun, tapi insaflah bahawa matlamat bertanding ialah untuk menang, bukannya untuk melepaskan perasaan.

Buat apa bertanding banyak kerusi kalau kalah semuanya? Kenapa Pas jadi begitu emosional dan tidak rasional sedangkan musuh majoriti rakyat sekarang ialah puak pemerintah yang sedang berkuasa?

Dalam hal ini, siapa sebenarnya musuh Pas sekarang - Amanah dan DAP atau UMNO dan BN? Kenapa semakin jarang Pas menyebut nak lawan UMNO kebelakangan ini?

Ohhh...hak Pas rupanya untuk berkawan dengan UMNO! Namun, sejak bila pula Pas sedar adanya hak berkawan dengan UMNO itu sebahagian daripada perjuangan mereka?

Siapa sebenarnya yang banyak melakukan kerosakan kepada negara dan mendatangkan kesengsaraan kepada rakyat selama ini? - shahbudin husin

Sementara itu, DAP hanya akan bertanding di kerusi PAS jika melihat ada potensi untuk mereka mendapat sokongan Melayu luar bandar, kata setiausaha agungnya, Lim Guan Eng.

“DAP tidak akan bertanding di semua kerusi PAS. Kita hanya bertanding di kerusi yang kita rasa pemimpin Melayu mampu untuk menyerlahkan diri mereka.

“Justeru, akan ada beberapa kerusi (PAS akan dicabar),” ujar Ketua Menteri Pulau Pinang itu.

Lim berkata demikian sebagai mengulas kenyataan Ketua Dewan Ulamak PAS Datuk Mahfodz Mohamed bahawa parti itu tidak lagi terikat dengan konsensus Pakatan Rakyat dan berhak bertanding di semua kerusi ditandingi DAP dan Parti Amanah Negara (AMANAH).

Lim yang mengulas lanjut mengenai perkara itu berkata beliau bersetuju PAS mempunyai hak untuk bertanding di mana-mana kerusi pilihan parti itu tetapi ia tidak bermakna keputusan berkenaan adalah cadangan yang baik.

"Jika mereka mahu bertanding di setiap kerusi, itu pilihan mereka. Jadi sekarang, kita boleh lihat siapa yang memburuk-burukkan (DAP) dan memberi masalah," katanya. - mk

Police deny releasing 'hotspots' for terrorist attacks...

Earlier a NST reported that Bangsar, Solaris and Bukit Bintang are among the locations targeted by terror groups to spread fear in Malaysia. It quoted Federal Territories Minister Tengku Adnan Tengku Mansor as saying that the authorities were aware of the threats and are on standby for any possibilities.

"The threats are there and we are very well aware of this, so we are on standby for any possible event. Among the places that they are targeting include the Kuala Lumpur city centre, Bukit Bintang, Publika, Solaris, Hartamas, Bangsar and The Curve. We will also consider engaging the help of the Defence Ministry to secure popular tourist and leisure hotspots if the need arises," Tengku Adnan said.

The police said it did not release any statements specifying the locations for possible terrorist attacks.

However, amidst the claims of terror attacks made by the Federal Territories Minister, City Police Cheif Commissioner Tajuddin Isa has come forward, advising the public to go about their daily activities

City police chief Comm Datuk Tajudin Md Isa assured that it was safe for citizens and tourists to enter the city.

On the statement by Federal Territories Minister Tengku Adnan Tengku Mansor stating that popular tourist spots in KL were among the locations under threat of terror attacks, the Commissioner said:

"We are not sure where Datuk Seri Adnan got his information from but as far as we're concerned, the security at all public places have been intensified and we are doing all we can to monitor suspicious activities and maintaining public order." - sar

Mohd Arshad Raji Raji said...

Who should be the rightful agency/individual to make such security assessment and announcement........certainly not this guy. We have the police and military intelligence that monitors the security threat to the country, and I believe they work closely with the intelligence agencies of neighbouring countries. 

Intelligence is a specialise occupation where one has to be trained, and let me ask this guy how much he knows about intelligence work. Rather than this guy taking the limelight and issuing statements relating to intelligence of which he knows very little about, why don't we leave it to the specialist to make such intelligence assessment and announcements. 

Let's listen to the Head of Military Intelligence or Head of Police Intelligence appearing on TV and giving out their professional assessment and announcement on the state of the country's security. I think the rakyat will believe them more than this guy,the so called MP Putrajaya.

Malaysia Has Been Inspiring ISIS For Over 30 Years Already...

Anonymous said...

Malaysians are in favour of ISIS (2nd highest support in the world):

"Malaysians have abnormally high levels of sympathy for the IS terrorist group, according to a recent Pew Research Centre study that showed over one in 10 here (10%) viewed the organisation favourably.

Expressed support for IS was higher only in Nigeria as rated by the Institute of Economics and Peace’s Global Terrorism Index 2015.

In neighbouring Indonesia — the largest Muslim country in the world by population — 79 per cent of respondents said they were against IS, with just four per cent saying they were positive about the organisation."


So 10% of Malaysians, vs 4% Indons. Hancur lah.

Well if the survey covered all Malaysians then it is misleading because 40% of Malaysians are non Muslims. 

If the survey was confined to Malaysian Muslims alone, I think the %age supporting ISIS will be much higher.  Maybe 20% or more of Muslims in Malaysia may be supporting ISIS. 

I think Malaysian Muslims can beat Nigerian Muslims and become the No. 1 country in the world to support ISIS.

But this is nothing new. 

Our miserable education system, the confused ketuanan politics, the 'us-versus-them' camouflage that has been used as a convenient cover up for failed policy making, the 'close-both-eyes' towards the arabisation and the religious-creep into every aspect of our society and government have all added up to making a mess of the Muslims in this country.

And now as my UMNO friend says above 'the satans are here', to reap what we have sowed and what we are still sowing.

Folks, lets make a simple list.

1. ISIS says that Muslims should not mix with the non Muslims.  

Well folks, 20 years ago my sons used to come back from school and tell us how their cikgus would tell them not to mix with non Muslim kids. This was 20 years ago.  During Teacher's Day their cikgu would feed the Muslim kids cake but when it came to the non Muslim kids, they would just put the cake on the table. 

Then when my son was in National Service (2006), he said the message was even more blunt. "The non Muslims are our enemy".  

After that he went to college, where his ustazah lecturer said, 'the Muslims should invade the non Muslim countries and rule over them'.

Isnt this exactly the same ideology as the ISIS? This is what the ISIS are saying. I think the ISIS have actually been secretly attending classes in Malaysia for the past 30 years. 

2.   The ISIS totally preaches violent hatred against anything that the non Muslims worship, celebrate or believe in. 

Do you all recall some 15 years ago, the morons here preaching quite openly that "kongsi raya" was haram?  Who wants to 'kongsi raya' in the first place? Just that the calendar that cannot be used to tell time caught up with the more regular calendar that can be used to tell time and so we had that 'kongsi raya' situation.  Big deal. So what? But they made such a big fuss. 'Kongsi raya was haraaaaaam ' they kept shouting.

This is exactly the same as the ISIS.  In fact these morons preceded ISIS by more than 15 years.  This is exactly ISIS ideology. Apa beza 'doh? 

3. The ISIS will kill you if you attend christmas parties, say merry christmas to the christians or have a christmas tree in the shopping complex, in the gomen office etc. 

And this is exactly what is happening in Malaysia. The morons say you cannot wish merry christmas, you should not attend christmas parties or celebrations, you should not allow christmas trees etc.  The most recent christmas period saw these morons repeating all these hatreds again - it is haram to wish them merry christmas or attend christmas parties. 

This is exactly 100 % the same as the ISIS.

4.  The ISIS blows up churches and other places of worship. This is typical ISIS behaviour. They want to destroy churches and other places of worship. 

In Malaysia we saw a mob attack a church and force them to take down a cross. And one of the spokesmen for the church attackers was the brother of you know who.  Until today no action has been taken against these church attackers. It was an unprovoked attack. 

Again this is ISIS behaviour. There is no difference. Malaysia already has this ISIS type ideology and ISIS type thinking.  Blowing up a church or breaking a cross on a church - what is the difference? Only the methods are different. The underlying belief and intention are the same - destroy other people's places of worship.

This is against the Quran. The Quran says you cannot destroy other people's places of worship.

5.  The ISIS will not offer 'salam' or peace to the non Muslims. 

This is exactly what the local morons said ie that you cannot say salam in Arabic (which means peace) to the non Muslims.  So you cannot even offeer a greeting of peace to the non Muslims. 

This is against the Quran. The Quran says offer greetings of peace to everyone, even to the non Muslims.

6. The ISIS totally will not tolerate any other places of worship.

Some morons in Malaysia said the non Muslim places of worship cannot be higher than the nearest biggest  mosque. There were issues in Penang and Sabah with the Kuan Yin Statues.

This is the same type of thinking shared by the ISIS. The except (this time only) of course was the tin sadin munafik in Kelantanistan who allowed the largest Buddha statue in the world to be built in Kelantanistan - just to get the Chinese votes.  

7.  The ISIS allows the kidnap, rape and selling into slavery of non Muslim women. This is happening now in the 21st century. 

The tin sadin munafik once said that women who dont cover up from head to toe are inviting rape.  And when he very loudly said, 'Rogol-lah !!' he was not addressing the women. Women cannot rogol. Only sick men can do the rogol-lah !! This is exactly what the ISIS also says. If women do not cover from head to toe, then rogol-lah !!

So you see we already have the ISIS ideology as part and parcel of the religious landscape here.

That is why that confused 16 year old ISIS supporter in Kedah grabbed that poor Chinese girl as a hostage. The Chinese girl was just setting up her business. She was working hard, which is a command from Allah swt to all human beings.

In the Quran, Allah swt commands all human beings to work hard.  This is what the Chinese girl was doing in the morning.

Along comes this confused 16 year old ISIS psycho,  most likely unemployed, a school dropout or another underperformer in our third rate education system, who then pulled out a plastic pistol and then a real knife and grabbed the unsuspecting Chinese girl.

The ISIS ideology has long been present among the confused people here in Malaysia. 

Actually the ISIS are the johnny-come-lately new kids on the block. In many of the weird instances listed above, Malaysians  have preceded the ISIS.   

So why should you (especially the Muslims) be surprised if Malaysians are  the No. 1 supporters of ISIS - even ahead of Nigeria. 

Brader2 dan sister2, jangan pura-pura bodoh ok. Jangan pura-pura tak faham atau buat tak tahu. 

Bila mai bab ISIS ini, Arab pun kalah.  Orang Malaya  lagi jaguh.  Otak dua2 dah barai.

'the satans are here'

Ayub Khan, your life is being wasted. If you dont fix the leak, you are wasting time pumping out water from a leaking ship. - syedsoutsidethebox 


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