30 April 2013

Dakwat kekal yang tak kekal...

Pelik tapi benar.. laporan dari pengundi2 awal hari ini,apabila mereka pulang kerumah.. mencuci kesan dakwat kekal dengan sabun.. kesan hilang!!!! oh fab buku baru!!! 
Hanya dengan mengunakan sabun,belum lagi tinner atau petrol dakwat kekal yang diberikan SPR untuk dicalit sebenarnya ink biasa untuk stam cap jari!!!!????


Video bukti bagaimana dakwat kekal yang dikatakan kekal sehingga 7 hari begitu mudah dicuci hanya selepas 5 minit dicalit pada jari...

Nah.. seorang pengundi awal hari ni telah membuat demo selepas beliau balik dari mengundi. 

Hanya dengan mengunakan sabun.. dakwat tersebut hilang sedikit demi sedikit!!! -f.bk

gambar2 ehsan dari f/bk

Anggota tentera menunjukkan kepada Nurul Izzah Anwar, 
bagaimana cara untuk hilangkan dakwat kekal.

Dakwat jari pengundi awal boleh hilang...

PAS Negeri Sembilan hari ini mendedahkan bahawa dakwat yang dicalit pada jari pengundi awal iaitu anggota tentera boleh  dicuci dan hilang selepas lebih kurang 20 minit mengundi. 

Setiausaha Perhubungan PAS negeri, Mohamad Hassan Tamby yang menghubungi FMT sebentar tadi berkata pihaknya mempunyai bukti  bergambar bahawa dakwat yang dicalit di jari seorang anggota tentera di sebuah kem tentera di Telok Kemang, telah hilang apabila  dicuci, hanya selepas 20 minit anggota tentera itu selesai mengundi.

Dakwat tersebut berwarna ungu/pink (purple with pinkish).

“Pagi tadi calon-calon telah pergi ke tempat mengundi awal di Telok Kemang untuk memantau proses mengundi awal dan ianya berjalan  lancar.

“Lebih kurang pukul 9.30 pagi ada di antara kumpulan pengundi awal (first batch) sudah selesai mengundi dan keluar dari pusat mengundi.

“Secara tak sengaja calon kita telah terjumpa dengan seorang anggota tentera yang baru sahaja bersihkan tangan dengan mencuci tangan di sinki dan didapati dakwat yang dicalit pada jari beliau sebelum mengundi telah hilang.

 “Kita sengaja mengambil foto menampakkan badan dia untuk menampakkan pakaian seragam tentera beliau.

“Di dalam kem tentera itu sahaja calon kita berjaya mengesan dua kes dakwat yang dicalit di jari hilang atau boleh dibasuh.

“Kalau dakwat yang hilang dalam 10 peratus masih tidak mengapa, tetapi daripada kes yang kami lihat, boleh dikatakan 95 peratus dakwat sudah hilang dan seolah-olah seperti tiada lagi kesan dakwat pada jari anggota tentera itu.

“Saya juga mendapat satu panggilan daripada sebuah nombor telefon yang tidak dikenali (private number) yang mana beliau mengaku sebagai anggota tentera, turut mendakwa dakwat di jari beliau sudah separuh hilang lebih kurang tiga jam selepas beliau mengundi.

Invividu tersebut mendakwa beliau mencuci tangannya sebelum makan tengahari,” jelas Mohamad Hassan.

Mohamad Hassan kini mempertikaikan ketelusan dan kredibiliti Suruhanjaya Pilihan Raya Malaysia (SPR) dalam isu dakwat yang dicalit di jari mudah hilng apabila dibasuh atau terkena air.

“Ini bermakna Pakatan Rakyat sebelum ini yang bimbang dakwat jari akan hilang selepas tiga hari terbukti benar, kerana bukan tiga hari, tetapi dalam masa beberapa jam sahaja dakwat sudah hilang.

“Sedangkan SPR sebelum ini memberi jaminan dakwat di jari akan bertahan selama seminggu. Malah SPR pada mulanya pernah berkata pengundian awal akan diadakan tiga hari sebelum tarikh mengundi, kini telah mengadakan pengundian awal lima hari sebelum tarikh mengundi.

“Apakah ini perancangan pihak tertentu termasuk SPR untuk menggagalkan kebangkitan rakyat menyokong Pakatan Rakyat?

“SPR harus memberi penjelasan berhubung perkara ini agar rakyat tidak meragui kredibiliti dan ketelusan SPR,” kata  Mohamad Hassan.-fmt

Dakwat kelal hilang, surirumah buat laporan polis

Dakwat boleh dipadam: PAS minta penjelasan SPR

Indelible ink is .... delible...

Barely hours after ‘indelible’ ink was used for the first time in Malaysia, complaints have emerged that the ink is in fact removable.

This is contrary to the Election Commission’s (EC) assurance that traces of the ink would last at least seven days on the finger after being painted on with a brush.

One soldier, who had marked his ballot in advance voting this morning, said he had removed most of the ink with water alone - just six hours later.

NONE“Only 30 percent is left, and I haven’t even used soap yet. The standard is like stamp (ink) pads, which is not very strong.

“On the nails, it is 100 percent gone. It is a little difficult to remove from the seams. On the skin, I think it would be gone with rigorous washing with soap,” said the soldier in a text-message.

He did not wish to be identified.

PKR vice-president Tian Chua said some 20 security personnel had approached him to demonstrate how the ink can be “completely” removed with a hand sanitiser gel.

“This is very disappointing,” he said when contacted, adding that he had lodged a police report at 2pm today.

Tian Chua then went on to call for EC chief Abdul Aziz Mohd Yusof’s resignation.

NONEAnother PKR vice-president, Nurul Izzah Anwar, tweeted that she had made a similar police report in Sentul after a military personnel showed how the ink could be removed with Dettol (a disinfectant brand) or hand sanitisers.

Asked by a Twitter follower how she knew that the claim was authentic, she replied, “Because the ink was slowly removed in front of us and the press.”

Photographs of index fingers stained with ink, matching the colour used in the advance voting today, have also been circulated on Facebook.

These show the ink in various stages of being removed. The captions state that thinner that is used to remove paint stains is an effective ‘indelible’ ink remover, while others claimed that soap works just as well.

In some images posted on the Internet, ink stains could still be seen on the edges of the fingernail after attempts to clean it off. 

EC chief: Let the police investigate 

Malaysiakini received a call from a person claiming to be a police personnel, who said the ink could be removed with thinner, but this could not be independently verified.

NONEWhen contacted for comment, Abdul Aziz (left) said via text-message: 'If that is the case, let the police investigate whether this is true, since they have already lodged police reports.' 

"According to testing by the EC, it cannot be removed (with soap, thinner or hand sanitiser) and can still be detected," he added in another message.

The use of the ink is among the demands made by Bersih, the coalition for clean and fair elections.

This was subsequently taken up by the parliamentary select committee on electoral reform as a move to deter ‘phantom voters’ from voting several times under a false identity.

Meanwhile, independent election observer Pemantau told a press conference today that their observers have reported three cases of voters being able to remove the ink.

One case has been reported in Sibu, one in Kelantan, and the other in the Batu parliamentary seat in Kuala Lumpur.

Pemantau urged the EC to explain the situation as soon as possible and even replace the ink if necessary ahead of polling day on May 5.

Bersih steering committee member Maria Chin AbdullahPemantau's steering committee member Maria Chin Abdullah (right) said that the latest development "tantamounts to cheating" as the ink was supposed to prevent double voting.

She said that the EC should hold a public demonstration on the indelible ink as well to explain the usage of indelible ink before polling day.

Maria said that a police report has been lodged in Batu over the ink and the matter has been communicated to the EC by incumbent Batu MP Tian Chua.

"But the EC chairperson wants us to write an official letter. There's no time for this kind of bureaucracy," she said.- malaysiakini

Amid protests, EC insists indelible ink won’t come off

Jadual Jelajah saya hari ini Ke NEGERI SEMBILAN

30 April 2013 (Selasa)

1) 3.00 ptg – Sepetang Bersama Anwar Ibrahim
Lokasi: Pekan Tanjong Ipoh, Seri Menanti

2) 4.30 ptg – Sepetang Bersama Anwar Ibrahim
Lokasi: Bilik Gerakan PR Simpang Pertang

3) 6.00 ptg – Sepetang Bersama Anwar Ibrahim
Lokasi: Dataran Niaga, Palong 8, Gemas

4) 7.15 mlm – Solat Maghrib - Masjid Nurul Huda Jelai 3

5) 8.00 mlm - Jamuan Bersama Rakyat
Lokasi: Bilik Gerakan PR Felda Jelai 3, Gemas

6) 9.30 mlm– Ceramah Perdana Pakatan Harapan Rakyat
Lokasi: Bilik Gerakan PR Rembau, Pekan Chembong,
Rembau (Livestream @ www.anwaribrahim.com)

7) 11.00 mlm – Ceramah Perdana Pakatan Harapan Rakyat
Lokasi: Betaria Business Centre, Jln Dato’ Siamang,
Gagap, Seremban

Nurul Izzah di mana hari ini...

Selasa 30/4/13

Ceramah di Stadium Hoki, Jln Selangor


9.30 mlm
Ceramah di BGDM Lengkok Abdullah


10.00 mlm
Ceramah di Lucky Garden, Bangsar


11.00 mlm
Ceramah di 8A Taman Sri Sentosa


Jemput datang semua!


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