12 April 2021

Dok tidoq pun gaji jalan...

Timb.Menteri Kerja Raya Datuk Eddin Syazlee Shith,MP Kuala Pilah lena sakan.Ini baru betul2  "sleeping on the job". Atau memang tugas dia tidur masa bekerja. Jenis makan gaji buta.Hairan juga macam mana "sleepy head" macam dia boleh panjat bumbung dan masuk ikut celah atap? Boleh jadi ada yang masuk ikut pintu tandas!... - akjasin

Din 'berhutang' untuk berbelanja sakan.
Silap haribulan terjun 'jambatan Pulau Pinang'...

- Home minister must not interfere in IGP transferring senior police officers
- Pasir Gudang MP said Home minister no power to “postpone” IGP decision 
- Home minister (no) powers beyond law - to interfere jurisdiction of IGP
  control and command of Police under IGP's jurisdiction
- IGP confirmed order issued by Minister to postpone transfers of senior police
- IGP will meet with minister to explain why changes must be made
- IGP has power to regulate Police - his directive “for the benefit of all”
- MP called on Minister to withdraw his order to postpone transfers

This is very strange behaviour for a Minister of Home Affairs to interfere directly in the day-to-day running of the Police force and issue an order CANCELLING the IGP's authority to make internal administrative decisions.

Transferring, assignment and re-assignment of manpower inside the Police force has to be the responsibility of the IGP.  Just like it should be the responsibility of the DG of Health to transfer, assign and re-assign doctors and nurses in the government hospitals. The Minister (who is a political appointee) should not interfere in the matters which should be handled by the Civil Servants.  

And in this case, the IGP has been on a crusade to clean up the Police force. The IGP has spoken at length about cartels inside the Police and crooked Police officers. Numerous Police officers (including senior cops) have been arrested by the MACC under corruption charges. Clearly the Police suffer a serious problem of corruption.

And may I advise the YAB Prime Minister that this matter of cartels and the influence of organised crime inside the Police force (as alleged by the IGP) has now been widely publicised. The people, especially the voting public is aware that this is a serious matter which the voters can hold against the Perikatan Nasional Government.

For a short while the brave actions by the IGP  shined a bright light on the Perikatan Nasional government. It showed that the new PN government is serious about wiping out corruption in the Police force. Unfortunately this latest action by the Minister of Home Affairs to interfere directly not only in the running of the Police force but obviously in a transfer exercise which may have been triggered by "misbehaviour" does not project a good picture of the Government to the voters.    

It can be the YAB Prime Minister and the PN Government which may end up earning the wrath of the voters over the Minister's interference.  Unless of course the Minister of Home Affairs has really solid reasons for cancelling the IGP's orders. In which case the Minister of Home Affairs should explain clearly to the public the reason for his interference in Police affairs. -  Syed Akbar Ali 

The phone call...

Is the phone conversation recording between Anwar Ibrahim and Ahmad Zahid real? To be honest, people who have come into contact with Zahid and Anwar, including journalists covering political events, should know very well without much hesitation. The voices in the recording are 99% in resemblance. Of course, some may argue that voices could be easily faked with technology, like in the Mission Impossible films. Not only voices, human faces, too, can be faked!

The thing is, not only the voices, even the tempo and accents have all been similar to those of the two leaders. That's real hard even for the most sophisticated devices to duplicate! Both Zahid and Anwar have instructed their assistants to lodge police reports, which is probably the best thing they can do to clear themselves of any alleged involvement.

But so far none has produced any evidence of a police report. Some argue that if they are serious about lodging police reports, they should do it themselves instead of getting someone else to do on their behalf, just to prove their seriousness. As such, the Malay political community overwhelmingly believes the voice recording is real.

Former PM Najib's confidant Lokman Adam has openly urged Zahid to admit that he and Anwar are on the same side fighting Muhyiddin and his party Bersatu and planning to take Umno out of the PN government, which to him is nothing wrong anyway. The thing is, given his stature as Umno president, how do we expect Zahid to make the public confession?

Zahid loudly declared "No DAP, no Anwar and no Bersatu" in the just concluded Umno general assembly. Several hours after that, the two voices in the alleged phone conversation between the Umno president and Anwar Ibrahim congratulated each other for successfully carrying out their plan.

We have no way to authenticate the voice recording, but Umno members and the public have made their own judgments. Looks like both Zahid and Anwar have really messed things up this time. If the voice recording is real, then Zahid must have fooled the the thousand-odd delegates at the general assembly, and in the eyes of some three million Umno members, he has betrayed the party!

Zahid could have put up an excellent show at the assembly by turning everyone against Bersatu to fulfill his own agenda, if not for the voice recording that has since spoiled everything. The legitimacy of Zahid as Umno president, already marred by his many court cases, is taking yet another major beating.

Rival factions within the party will not let go of such an opportunity to unseat the president. Several Umno divisions in Johor have taken the lead by asking Zahid to quit. Other central party leaders, including those in the "minister cluster", are expected to follow suit soon. The thing is, Muhyiddin and his Bersatu remain the biggest enemy of Umno, and taking out Zahid at this juncture will only benefit Bersatu and give the PM the much needed sigh of relief.

Having weighed the pros and cons, perhaps they will just give Zahid a little more time. If the grassroots have reacted too aggressively, the rival factions may need to strike a consensus to get Zahid to go on leave while his deputy Mohamad Hasan relieves him of his presidential duties, or make a decision not to defer the party elections  in a bid to force out Zahid.

Anyway, Zahid's political career is nearing the end. As for Anwar, his plan to join hands with Umno to topple the sitting government will run aground without Zahid. - Tay Tian Yan, Sin Chew Daily.
Carilah Lailatul Qadar di 10 malam terakhir di bulan Ramadhan dan janganlah hangpa 
dok cari Laila Nasi Kandaq di siang hari sepanjang bulan Ramadhan. Selamat Berpuasa...


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