27 September 2012

Towkay ternak udang,Noh Omar dapat tanah lepas jadi MP......

 ADUN Sekinchan Ng Suee Lim mempertikaikan dakwaan Menteri Pertanian dan Industri Asas Tani Datuk Seri Noh Omar berhubung pemilikan tanah seluas 12 hektar yang menjadi tapak untuk satu projek ternakan udang.

Ng mengemukakan dokumen yang menunujukkan bahawa pemilikan tanah Noh ke atas tanah di Tanjung Karang itu hanya didaftarkan selepas menteri tersebut menjadi MP kawasan berkenaan pada 1995.

Dakwanya, perkara itu menunjukkan bahawa Noh "sekali lagi menipu dan mengelirukan rakyat".

Tambahnya, perkara itu bercanggah dengan penjelasan Noh pada Julai bahawa menteri tersebut memiliki tanah tersebut "sebelum menjadi MP atau menjadi peguam".
- malaysiakini

Prawn farm: Noh Omar got land 'after becoming MP...

DAP's Sekinchan assemblyperson Ng Suee Lim has trashed a claim by Agriculture and Agro-based Industries Minister Noh Omar in relation to ownership of a 12-hectare (30 acre) site on which a prawn farm operates.

NONESaying that the minister has “again lied to and misled the public”, Ng (right) produced a document to prove that Noh’s ownership of the land in Tanjung Karang had only been registered after he became MP for that constituency in 1995.

This directly contradicts Noh’s clarification in July that he had ownership of the land in “even before I became a MP or a lawyer”.

Noh has been accused of conflict of interest for purportedly entering into a joint-venture project last year with Pristine Agrofood Sdn Bhd, to run the prawn farm. He has insisted he is only the “landlord” who has leased out the land to the company.

NONENg told Malaysiakini that he has confirmed with the Election Commission that the 9th general election was held on April 25, 1995.

He said the land office had only issued the Borang 5A (left) - which confirms ownership of land - to Noh on June 13, 1995.

“This shows that he received the Borang 5A after he became a MP. So he has misled and lied to the public,” he said, also questioning Noh’s eligibility to remain a minister.

To back his claim, Ng furnished a copy of the Borang 5A and other official documents.

Another document, also dated June 13, 1995, states that the Selangor executive council had approved Noh's application for the plot of about 12 ha at a premium of RM800 per ha, or a total exceeding RM9,500.

‘Blatant conflict of interest’

Ng reiterated that the private caveat on the land clearly states that Noh had entered into a joint venture with the company.

NONE“No matter how Noh tries to justify it, it is a joint venture and he has a huge interest in the business. It is blatant corruption and conflict of interest because the business is under his ministry’s purview,” alleged Ng.

“If what Noh has said is true (that he is just a landlord), then both (Noh and the company owner) have committed the offence of making false statutory declaration.”

This, he said, is criminal offence under the Statutory Declarations Act 1960 and is punishable under Section 584 of the Penal Code. Those convicted can be jailed for three to seven years and fined.

“As a minister, MP and lawyer, Noh does not even know something which is common legal knowledge. Shame on him,” he said.

Ng called on the authorities to investigate Noh and urged the minister to come up with a satisfactory explanation.- malaysiakini


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