11 September 2012

Ketika peneroka Felda menitis air mata kerana saham FGVH merudum, Najib,Rosmah & Pak Menteri dok gencok sakan...


10 Sep 2012 05:19PM
Prices delayed by 15 mins.
Last Done 4.680 (-0.090)
Stock Code5222
Percentage Change-1.89
Volume ('00)107,191
Buy Volume ('00)423
Sell Volume ('00)150
Reference Price4.770
Seorang penyanyi baru, Iqwal Hafiz menyanyi lagu "Anak Kampung" dengan diiringi tarian poco-poco oleh Najib, Bik Mama, Rais Yatim,Mahathir Lokman dan rakan-rakannya. Video dalam laman youtube itu telah dikeluarkan oleh pemiliknya. 

Namun kini video asal itu telah diupload kembali oleh
pengguna youtube yang lain dan kini boleh ditonton di bawah ini atau di sini.

Tengoklah Najib,Bik Mama,Rais Yatim dan isteri berpoco-poco dan disudahi dengan Najib menyanyi lagu 'The Young Ones' 

Najib menari bersama isteri dan rakan-rakan di Aidilfitri

 Tsunami over FELDA...

What Najib is doing right now is just putting out fires. He forgot that it all needed but a single spark to light up the prairie fire.  He has given advance bribe of RM15, 000 each to Felda family. I hear, full payment hasn’t been given out yet.

Perhaps Felda will use its gain of RM5.99 billion to pay the balance of what has been promised by Najib. Felda pays unto itself using its own money. 

He has given almost RM43 million as raya bonus. Each family got around RM382. That amount was useful to buy cookies, lemang , fresh meats and maybe new curtains for the missus. Because of the drop in FGV share price, he has also announced that Felda will pay for the settlers’ purchase of FGV shares. Once again, that will probably come from the RM5.99 billion.

Finally to placate the settlers’ anger, he has announced that Felda will pay for PTPTN loans taken by the Felda children.
That is his economic strategy. We don’t have to go the Chicago, Princeton, Oxford or Cambridge to do that. Not even Nottingham.

What was the real agenda really? Maybe all this corporate bullshit was about saving FGV. It has done extensive futures trading and had incurred huge losses.  That was why some brainy people came up with the idea, the only way to save FGV was to have it buy out KPF’s share in Felda Holdings and go for listing.

At closing time today, FGV share was RM 4.68, earning the holders of the stock a premium of 13 sen.  If Najib hadn’t come up with the brilliant idea of ordering Felda to finance settlers’ purchase, each settler ends up with a RM94.70 loss.

Actually FGV bought out Felda Holdings to save itself. It has incurred heavy losses doing futures trading. We don’t know how much FGV got by selling its shares. There was no cash payment involved as the purchase was financed by the issue of new shares which were sold to the public through the IPO.

Part of the proceeds were used by Felda to pay its EPF loan amounting to RM6 billion.  Then EPF is instructed to buy FGV shares, now it owns 7% of FGV bought for RM 1.2 billion. Foreign interests are selling down to cut down losses.

What is even more pernicious and atrocious is the betrayal to Felda people. 360,000 hectares of land have been forfeited which could be used in future to create 80,000 new settlers.

Its dark days looming over Felda and no amount of PR exercise can mitigate the anger that is shoring up. There is a tsunami looming over Felda. - Mohd Arif Sabri Aziz@Sakmongkol AK47 blogspot



Anonymous said...

Najib seronok sakan!!!!!

nick said...

Inilah masalah kebanyakan orang2 Melayu, malas berfikir tapi emosi dalam tindakan! Sekarang bila keadaan dah terlanjur baru nak mengamuk. Dah terhantuk baru nak tengadah! Takkan tak sedar2 dari dulu kenapa Najib lantik Isa Samad pengerusi Felda? Tentunya untuk merompak dan memperkosa Felda! Isa Samad tu kan pencuri dan perompak! Muka dia pun muka perompak! Dah tu kenapa masih lagi sayang dan puja Najib waktu dia lantik perompak tu!!! La ni pun masih nak undi najib lagi ke? Masih sembah dan puja UMNO lagi ke? kalau ya, sememangnya orang melayu berhak untuk ditindas, diliwat dan diperhambakan!


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Najib menari macam pondan aje!!