PAS vice-president Mahfuz Omar today said that the act of throwing a shoe into a mosque was far more deplorable than stepping on photographs of the prime minister and his wife. 

NONESpeaking to reporters today, Mahfuz said this is because a mosque is a holy place and is considered "Allah's home".

"Why has the government and mainstream media created a fuss over the (photograph-stepping) incident when the act of throwing a shoe into a mosque is far more deplorable?

"Are they saying that the photograph is more holy than the mosque, which is Allah's home?" he asked.

He was referring to the incident last week that took place when Perkasa members attacked a mosque in which Opposition Leader Anwar Ibrahim was giving a talk.

Perkasa claims that it was there to protect the mosque from being abused for political reasons, and that Anwar had no credentials to speak there.

It also denied that any of its members threw a shoe into the Masjid al-Hussain in Seberang Pumpung, Alor Setar.

NONEMahfuz, who was there during the incident, however, insisted that a shoe was in fact chucked into the mosque during the fracas as it had hit the man next to him.

“Perkasa claims there is no video evidence of the shoe-throwing. How we were to know that they were going to chuck in a shoe?

“If there was video evidence, then it can be said that we were the ones who threw the shoe in as we would know whether it would come from the left or the right,” he said.

He added that it was expected that Perkasa would not admit to the “disgusting” act as it is looked down upon even in the villages.

While he did not see who threw the shoe in, he was certain it was a Perkasa member as they were the ones who were “attacking” the mosque.

'Double standards'

Mahfuz, who is also Pokok Sena MP, added that the fact that police arrived after the fracas ended and that no action has been taken thus far despite a police report lodged shows “double standards”.

He said that while he disagrees with the acts committed by youths against the photographs of the prime minister and his wife, there was scarcely a need for a “special team” to “hunt them down”.

“It would suffice to identify them and advise them. Why are the police not also calling up those who were photographed pretending to urinate on (PAS leaders') Nik Aziz Nik Mat and Abdul Hadi Awang's pictures?” he asked.

He said that the failure of police to take action against those who commit political thuggery is leading people to feel unsafe.

“I would like to ask, are they part of the political conspiracy or have they not enough resources?

“If they don't have enough resources, then should we then call in the United Nations peacekeepers?” he snided.

He added that police resources would be better used to tackle “actual crimes” such as rape and theft.- malaysiakini