12 November 2020

Hentamlah Men. Kesihatan & Tim.2 yg makan gaji buta...

Ketua Pengarah Kesihatan takut mati - Ahli Parlimen Bintulu...

Health DG:'I am not afraid to die',my team and I have gone to Sabah...

Depa di atas ni yang patut dihentam,mekedarah gaji buta saja...

RSN Rayer,MP Jelutong membela Dr Noor Hisham apabila dituduh sebagai takut mati oleh King Sing MP Bintulu kerana Ketua Pengarah KKM,Dr.Noor Hisham itu tidak turun ke Sabah untuk menangani sendiri Covid-19 di negeri itu sebalik hanya hantar pegawainya sahaja.

Ketika berlaku pertikaman lidah antara kedua anggota Parlimen itu,Tim.Speaker, Azalina Othman Said bertindak menghalau RSN Rayer selepas menasihati RSN Rayer duduk tetapi dia enggan. Yang berlaku biadap terhadap Dr Noor Hisham itu bukan anggota pembangkang tetapi MP Bintulu,anggota gomen pintu belakang. Ini norma baru gomen pintu belakang kot?

Stupid MP Bintulu should have pointed the guns to Menteri Kesihatan and 2 deputies who were not seen to assist the DG and always disappear from the radar. If you gonna bark shit about all this situation and questioning all this life and death joke  then better shut your mouth!!!  Btw,DG is not a politician.So dont play politics...- TS
Nyahkan Bajet Peruntukan JASA - Mat Sabu

Dlm. parlimen apek Bintulu mulut celupar dok mengata kat DG Noor Hisham. 
Di luar pula dia tunjuk kehebatannya bergaduh dengan perempuan...
Bintulu MP's tirade against 
Health DG a 'classless' act...

I don’t think I have ever taken offence at the words or actions of Bintulu MP Tiong King Sing deemed ‘abnormal’ in the past. Tiong is not a minister; he is only a government backbencher. Even if his appointment as Special Envoy to China came with ministerial rank, he is not in charge of a ministry. (We can recall how he rejected his initial appointment as a deputy minister in the Peritakan Nasional government as he felt slighted by the junior post.)

I’m not sure how many of us really know the functions and duties of a special envoy and whether that position is necessary or functional. What I’m driving at is that I do not consider Tiong a political heavyweight as he does not make major decisions in the government.

Thus, what he says or does, even if wrong, callous and out of sync, is forgettable and forgivable. I found them tolerable all along. However, this was not the case yesterday. This time, I wish to register my offence at his tirade against Health director-general Dr Noor Hisham Abdullah in Parliament, which was totally unnecessary in the first place.

To say that Noor Hisham "is afraid to die" for not coming down personally to Sabah to monitor the Covid-19 situation is not just an ordinary remark to me, but a downright insult. (Tiong should also question what the health minister (what’s his name again?) has been doing all these while. If the minister has gone to Sabah, it would probably be to campaign during the recent elections.) And that was not all.

Tiong also implied that the Health DG was on a publicity blitz and that Noor Hisham was also eyeing the post of director-general at the World Health Organisation (WHO). I take that to mean the DG is on a campaign too.

Goodness gracious! I find it difficult to believe that Tiong actually uttered those cruel and insensitive words in Parliament. It was a classless act, Mr Tiong. As a fellow Sarawakian, I am ashamed of you. Your words were uncouth, thuggish and boorish.

Taking wild and ugly potshots at Noor Hisham, arguably the most respected, dignified and much-loved civil servant in the country today, has probably placed you among the most vilified politicians in Malaysia today.

If certain people have complained to Tiong about the DG, the MP could easily bring up the matter with Noor Hisham instead of launching the vicious and meaningless attacks in the august House. Carrying out duties with dignity, grace...

To me and many Malaysians, Noor Hisham is a class above, certainly above politicians, including ministers who are not fit to be in the cabinet. Noor Hisham carries out his duties and responsibilities with dignity, charm and grace. I don’t believe anyone will enjoy giving daily press briefings on the pandemic and updating the nation on the latest situation. This was for the past nine months in a row. That’s a heck of a job! 

If critics think that the DG is after publicity, I believe Noor Hisham is more than happy to take a break. Perhaps Tiong can take over if he thinks he is qualified to do so. After all, the MP is a politician and needs media coverage. Noor Hisham does not.

I have heard the DG’s daily briefings several times. Noor Hisham speaks distinctively and is eloquent in English and Bahasa. For sure, ‘kong kali kong’ (conspiring) is not in his vocabulary. As for the allegation that the DG is campaigning for the WHO’s top post, we should be proud if a Malaysian is elected to head the world body.

In fact, I think that the government should support such a campaign, if there is really one. Noor Hisham will carry the Malaysian flag high in the WHO and we should all be proud of him. I am glad that the DG has responded to the Bintulu MP’s tirade, saying it in his usual calm, dignified and diplomatic manner.

"As a Muslim, I have accepted that death can happen anywhere. What is important for us is our intention, which is to carry out our duties and break the chain of infection," Noor Hisham said. And that is how a man with class talks.

In April, in the early stage of the Covid-19 lockdown, I also came to the defence of the DG and registered my disgust that Noor Hisham and his team at the forefront to keep us safe and save lives have been viciously attacked for being incompetent and “out of touch”.

Seven months later, we have another salvo fired at a good man and a competent leader. As I had quoted in April: “To everything, there is a season… a time to speak and a time to be silent.”

That is my message to Tiong. As an MP, be a man of class. Think carefully before you speak and avoid creating blunders. I think an apology to Noor Hisham is in order. - Francis Paul Seah,mk

While Najib roams free, 
rakyat are imprisoned by MCO...

Are the Malaysian taxpayers aware that their hard earned money and their taxes are used to fund the luxury lifestyle of the convicted criminal Najib Abdul Razak? Each time the rakyat think that the felon, Najib, has gone too far in insulting the nation, we observe that he is capable of going one step further.

Last week, it was reported that police outriders escort Najib when he was on the road, and yesterday the Speaker of the Parliament allowed him to speak on Budget 2021 for a full 90 minutes.What is going on here?

In November 2019, the police said that Najib would not be allowed any police motorcycle escorts, but one year later we were told by PN's special functions minister Mohd Redzuan Md Yusof that "there is no requirement for privileges such as bodyguards, police outriders and allowances to be withdrawn, despite the former premiers being convicted of criminal offenses".

This is ridiculous! What is stopping MPs from making a provision in the law to address the issue of a criminal conviction by a former premier? So, is Najib a felon who was sentenced to 12 years in jail and fined RM210 million in July for his role in the multi-billion 1MDB scandal in which he stole the rakyat's money?

Or is he as innocent as a newborn baby? People are innocent until proven guilty. Najib has been proven guilty! If Najib wants to use police outriders and have bodyguards round the clock to protect him, why can't he use his own money to pay for this luxury?

It is alleged that Najib and some members of his family have not paid income tax on their illegal incomes. When we owe the Inland Revenue Department a few hundred ringgits, the authorities will come down hard on us. Why is Najib allowed to escape scot-free?

Just in case anyone needs reminding, the High Court found Najib guilty of seven charges of abuse of power, criminal breach of trust and money laundering involving RM42 million from SRC International Sdn Bhd.
How can Speaker allow a convicted felon, Najib Razak, be allowed 
to sit in the Dewan and allow him to speak in this August house?

Justice Mohd Nazlan Mohd Ghazali said the criminal acts committed in the SRC scandal had been proven beyond reasonable doubt and that Najib's defense team had failed to rebut the prosecution's case. So why is the PN administration of Muhyiddin Yassin afraid to stop Najib from making a mockery of the law?

Najib gloats about his freedom. He may not say it out loud but he shows that he is a free man, with photos on social media showing he can swan around the countryside giving speeches, canvassing in various by-elections, inviting people to visit him at his home and flying to Sabah to take part in the Umno-Baru hustings in the recent state election.

Meanwhile, Malaysians can only vent their anger and frustrations online, or in letters to the editors of various newspapers when they complain that Najib mocks Malaysian justice. Do other convicted criminals get special treatment like Najib?

Yesterday, Najib gave a lengthy speech in Parliament as if he had done nothing wrong. Did the Speaker, whose appointment was controversial, forget that Najib is a felon? Malaysians cannot forget that the Speaker interfered with the judiciary last year by writing a letter demanding Najib's court case be concluded early, so that he could address the Parliament.

A businessman said, "Allowing a convicted felon to address Parliament has dragged down the reputation of this August House in which laws are made. "Najib has cheapened, undermined, compromised and made irrelevant the sacred functions of an institution which represents the people.

"The Speaker should not have accorded Najib such a privilege. It cheapens our criminal justice policy, if the rule of law is applied unevenly and selectively." Muhyiddin and the Speaker Azhar Harun may think that Najib can do no harm, but they are wrong. Najib acts like a man who is innocent of all the crimes that have dominated the headlines of local and international newspapers for many years.

His trial had been a rollercoaster ride in which he used every trick in the book to delay the proceedings. He was often ill, his lawyer's sick leave, his late arrivals at court, falling asleep whist the trial was under way, even wandering off during his trial; but the court showed him leniency. Why? Would the court be as lenient with a normal Malaysian if he or she were to mock the court in the same way as Najib?

Najib's insult to the rule of law, Parliament and the judicial system may be the final nail in PN's coffin. Najib is not just a common thief who stole the rakyat's money, he is also a liar and a desperate one who is still trying to convince his gullible supporters that he is innocent of all the charges. You may recall that some Malay women sold their jewelry to pay his bail.

When he was allowed to speak in Parliament, Najib gave a confusing message to the rakyat that they need not bother with rules or laws. Najib is proof that crime does pay. The young learn that it is alright to plunder, steal and lie.

Now that Najib has been convicted, why can't the authorities treat him as a convict and stop being lenient with him? He continues to cause harm outside prison. He should be sent to jail whilst his appeal process goes through. There he will be able to reflect on his misdeeds.

When Najib sits in his mansion, is protected by police guards, and escorted by police outriders, it sends the wrong message to the rakyat. It breeds dissatisfaction with the authorities. Worse still, it promotes anarchy. - Mariam Mokhtar


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