11 May 2020

Anniversary terkubur UMNO di Putrajaya...

Imej mungkin mengandungi: bunga, teks yang berkata 'ulangtahun Terkubur Umno'

Semalam, 09 Mei 2020 rakyat merayakan hari ulangtahun kedua "kematian" Umno sebagai parti tunjang pemerintah di Putrajaya. Sehingga kini Umno masih tidak bangkit kecuali rohnya yang tergantung di awangan meresap masuk merasuk ke dalam kerajaan pintu belakang pengkhianat.

Rekod dan sejarah diukir sepanjang zaman bahawa satu-satunya parti yang berjaya mencabut nyawa Umno dan Bn di Putrajaya adalah gabungan PH. Sejarah turut mengukir nama Umno sebagai sebuah parti yang menjadi sebahagian dari kerajaan di Pusat tanpa mandat rakyat. Di situ bermulalah sejarah Umno yang dilihat hilang maruah dan jati dirinya. Umno yang dulu dilaungkan sebagai parti keramat kini hanya dikenali sebagai parti khianat.

Selama ini mereka menuduh Dap komunis atau kapir harbi, paling tidak Dap lebih bermaruah kerana tidak pernah mencuri mandat rakyat. Kerajaan Dap di P.Pinang tidak pernah menjadi kerajaan tanpa mandat rakyat. Dap kuburkan Gerakan dan Bn di P.Pinang bermula tahun 2008 adalah hasil dari mandat rakyat. Maruah Dap lebih terserlah berbanding Umno dan Pas di dalam aspek menjunjung demokrasi.

PM sekarang adalah Wakil Rakyat yang menang pada PRU14 dengan menggunakan logo Keadilan. Saya tidak tahu bagaimana beliau boleh hidup tanpa maruah? Jika dahulu beliau sanggup dipecat dari Umno kononnya atas dasar prinsip dan maruah, tetapi kini maruahnya telah berjaya direntap oleh Umno apabila beliau sanggup bersekongkol dengan parti keris telanjang tidak bersarung itu demi kepentingan serta nafsunya sendiri. - Wfauzdin Ns
tumpang sekole...?: Lantik kluster penyamun & kawaq untuk pantau ...
Masalah besar Muhyiddin hari ini bagaimana menghadapi desakan2 sekutunya dalam PN khususnya UMNO? Semua tahu gomen Muhyiddin ni survive kerana UMNO/PAS dan geng si kitol yang memberi nafas tanpa mereka ini dah lama Muhyiddin terhuban ke Sungai Gombak.

Sekarang kita boleh nampak permainan geng kleptokrat ini satu demi satu depa demand hinggakan hampir 90% CEO GLC dah diambil alih oleh puaka2 politik UMNO/PAS etc... Lepas ini apa pula demand depa? Yes...depa mahu ketua2 dan kaki2 penyamun yang terpalit dengan kes mahkamah dibebaskan. - t/s

Kiranya Muhyidin bebaskan Najib dan Zahid, rakyat akan marah. PH akan untung besar dari sudut politik. Membebaskan kleptokrat yang dituduh menyamun duit rakyat dengan bukti yang menggunung adalah lebih jahat dari kleptokrat itu sendiri. Kalau itu berlaku, isu 1MDB akan mendominasikan kempen dalam PRU15.

Kiranya Muhyidin biarkan Najib dan Zahid masuk penjara, beliau mungkin tidak punya kerusi untuk bertanding dalam PRU15 akan datang. Umno akan membenci dan menghukum beliau lebih teruk dari mereka membenci Tun M dan DSAI.

Kiranya Najib dan Zahid masih belum dihukum menjelang PRU15, slogan kempen PH ialah: Undi BN Najib bebas, undi PH rakyat bebas.

Tak perlu lagi fikir pasal Bersatu dan Kartel. PRU15 akan menjadi kubur politik mereka. Ingat Al Sisi rampas kuasa dengan bawa tubuh Morsi masuk penjara. Muhyidin rampas kuasa dengan bawa parti Bersatu bergabung dengan BN/UMNO/PAS. - Jamzuri Ardani
Malaysian Opposition Scores Historic Election Victory
The road to reform...

May 9 is the 2nd anniversary of that magical day when the rakyat brought down the proud and mighty BN at the ballot box. Sure, the "Empire Strikes Back", if you’ll permit me a Star Wars analogy, but let’s never forget that we, the people, did manage to do the impossible.

In the run up to the elections, the mood had been electric. Huge crowds had come for Pakatan Harapan ceramahs all over the country, even those held near Umno’s so-called “Felda fortresses”. Ceramah audiences were asked to display their handphone lights, and “seas” of lights glimmered, promising a wave of change.

I managed to join one of these huge rallies in the Keramat area of Kuala Lumpur. The padang (field) at the venue was soggy and muddy, yet heaps of humanity -- of all races -- were huddled there, under an intermittent drizzle, heaving for hope, for “harapan”, of a better country.

Hawkers were doing brisk business too - food, drinks and lots of T-shirts, especially of former premier Dr Mahathir Mohamad, as if he was some Che Guevara hero or something. I bought a generic Pakatan T-shirt, but refused to spend RM20 on a Mahathir one. Yes, he was needed to swing the tide, but I could not forget how his rule had led to the rot dragging down the country now.

Remember the tensions of election day? The huge and eager turnout even before polling stations opened, the long queues, the whispers of conspiracies to prevent certain people from voting and the fear of sudden blackouts when counting ballots.

Recall how the results stopped coming out after a certain time when BN was losing? And the rumours flying around. Would the election authorities be fair? Would an emergency be declared?

When victory was finally declared in the wee hours of May 10, I could hardly believe it… against all odds, the "Death Star" had been destroyed.

We all know how the story has turned out since. Leaders in Harapan may have been on the same bed, but they had different dreams, as the Chinese proverb goes. The "Dark Side" was found not just on the BN side, but among the so-called “good guys” too. In fact, even after the departure of the Muhyiddin Yassin-Azmin Ali gang, let’s not fool ourselves that all is well.

As long as power and greed can easily corrupt people (politicians and ourselves too), as long as we lack a strong system to check these baser instincts, the journey towards reform is not finished.

Now there’s talk that the game is still on, that Perikatan National are fighting among themselves for the spoils of their coup, that trouble is brewing between Bersatu and Umno in Johor, that a vote of confidence in Parliament on May 18 could lead to a dramatic plot twist.

My take is, even if Harapan somehow manages to regain power, that is merely the first step of a long journey of repairing a damaged Malaysia. 

For starters, how will they deal with the weaponisation of the 3R’s - race, religion and royalty? Will any new Harapan communications minister and home minister sit by, seemingly powerless, as before, when political poisons are constantly dripped from the other side?

Or will swift action be taken the moment somebody insults another race online (especially using fake news)? But can this be done when Harapan won only 25 to 30 percent of the Malay vote in the last elections?

I am especially concerned with the reform of political financing, because if rich tycoons can influence leaders with “party donations”, then we will end up merely shifting one form of elite rule for another, just as Americans alternate between the Democrats and Republicans who both favour corporate interests over that of common folks.

As pointed out by Dr Jeyakumar Devaraj, the chairperson of PSM, certain Harapan decisions seemed to be influenced by the mindset of pure market efficiency and this cost it valuable support, especially from the Malays.

These included the stopping of subsidy payments of RM300 per month to more than 70,000 traditional fishermen and the price support system for 200,000 rubber smallholders.

He noted that Harapan should have kept the allocations for the rural and urban poor, but with full transparency. For example, all funds for, say repairing kampung homes or urban low cost flats, should be published on the internet so that people can monitor how, where and when the money is spent, and to prevent “pihak-pihak tertentu” (certain quarters) from abusing it.

If all this is done, will it make the poor, the majority of whom are Malays, realise how much those who claim to be their racial “saviours” have siphoned off into their own pockets? Will it make them believe less in the propaganda peddled by certain politicians day in, day out?

The proof of the pudding is in the eating, and probably the most important area for Harapan will be to raise income while lowering living costs. This will be a challenge given that our economy has been hit by the double whammy of the Covid-19 pandemic and low oil prices.

But again, as Jeyakumar points out, helping the poor will not cost that much. For example, a Universal Pension Scheme of RM300 per month for all the poor above 70 will only cost about RM3 billion per year. This money will help not only people, but also stimulate the economy, as the elderly will spend it on food and other necessities.

And remember the many Harapan manifesto promises? Will they finally be fulfilled?
Pakatan manifesto mired in sensationalism - Salleh ⋆ The ...

- Will the police force be cleaned up with an IPCMC?
- Will one million affordable homes be built?
- Will GLCs be run professionally, free from political influence?
- Will draconian laws like the Sedition Act finally be repealed?

Now that former PKR members Azmin and Zuraida Kamaruddin along with Bersatu's Rina Harun, Muhyiddin and Redzuan Yusof have joined PN, is there any more excuse not to execute the manifesto pledges? Oh wait, there’s Mahathir. At his grand old age, has he woken up to the need for genuine reform?

But let’s stop depending so much on politicians. Ultimately, change occurs when enough people want it. Politicians merely reflect popular pressure and it's up to us to push for what we need and want. In history, that's the only way real change has ever happened.

Politicians are not that powerful. If you need proof, just look at how the back door government did several u-turns on their movement control order policies after some online outcries. They also fear the rakyat's anger.

See what the French have achieved in reversing unpopular policies, with mass demonstrations while wearing yellow vests. And what we have achieved with our own yellow T-shirt protests.

So please don’t surrender, don’t give up in despair. Keep speaking up for a better Malaysia, even if it's just on Facebook or WhatsApp. If you can organise people to do things, even small things at the local level, all the better. At a bare minimum, please vote. We will get the politicians that we deserve, or at least those that we push for.

Yes, May 9 is the second anniversary of the people's power. Let’s not forget that.- Andrew Sia,mk

Happy Mother's Day... 
Though she had left us,we will always Love U Mom...

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