16 March 2010

MACC 's political agenda in Penang.........

A former municipal councillor has hinted that the Malaysian Anti-Corruption Commission (MACC) had a political agenda in discontinuing investigations against former Pakatan Rakyat leaders in Penang. Former Seberang Perai municipal councillor Amizudin Ahmad claimed that the probe - in relation to illegal activities involving quarry operations - was closed because the leaders have since rejoined Umno.

Among those named was former Penang deputy chief minister 1 Mohamad Fairus Khairuddin. The MACC had already cleared him last April, citing lack of evidence against him. In a letter faxed to Penang MACC director Lathifah Md Yatim, he questioned the commission's decision.

Amizudin, the Kepala Batas PKR Youth chief, said he had submitted sufficient evidence to the commission and had been questioned by its officials over a 10-hour session last year.

"The commission was then rather confident that this was a strong case and was willing to go against its own policy to make this case public. Therefore, if this case is closed now, then I will be very disappointed," he added in the letter.

"It is not merely true then that the MACC is a horse of the BN regime, but the truth is, the MACC enjoys being ridden by the BN."

Amizudin told Malaysiakini that he has yet to receive a response from the commission. He said he is seeking answers because he had faced disciplinary action from his party over his report and had been isolated by friends who did not understand the reasons for his action.

On Feb 27, Amizudin claimed that two senior politicians - one of whom was then serving in the state government - had verbally abused him for bringing up the charges. He also claimed to have bank slips and text-messages showing that money was deposited into their personal accounts.

The Penang government has since frozen operations of three quarries in central Seberang Prai to facilitate investigations into the under-declaration of royal revenue.

When contacted, Lathifah's personal assistant has confirmed receipt of Amizudin's letter, but the MACC director was not available for comment.


When you become an UMNO goon all charges will be dropped.......


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