01 August 2019

Zahid should stop smoking cheap grass...

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Mahathir Will Not Abandon 
95% Chinese Vote Bank...

As UMNO slowly but surely moves toward its demise, its president – Ahmad Zahid Hamidi – appears to have gone incredibly crazy. And it’s not hard to see how he is doing more harm than good to the party. He would rather bring down UMNO together with him than letting the enemies snatch the party’s members. His survival depends entirely on how much he could radicalize the party members.

Like Osama bin Laden, Java-immigrant Zahid wanted UMNO members to blindly follow his instructions, even if it means they were to blow up themselves in suicide bombing missions. In his latest speech officiating the Ipoh Barat UMNO division meeting in Perak on Sunday (July 28), he said opponents, presumably PM Mahathir, will have to cross “our dead bodies” if attempts are made to dissolve UMNO.

It could be a figure of speech, but it could also dangerously inspire UMNO hardcore, but gullible followers into thinking that Zahid was encouraging them to fight the government militarily. Actually, Mahathir Mohamad had clarified that he only invited “UMNO members” to join his party (PPBM or Bersatu), not the “UMNO party” and certainly not UMNO crooked leaders like Zahid.

Of course Mr. Zahid, well known for his thuggery, knew he wasn’t welcome to join Mahathir. Hence, he aggressively poisons the minds of UMNO members to stick with his leadership, even if he has the “IQ of a carrot”. Without UMNO as a platform to return to power, Zahid and former Prime Minister Najib Razak are as good as game over even before they are sent to prison.

Zahid’s desperation – and stupidity – was obvious when he sets 3 conditions before UMNO can consider Mahathir’s invitation – that the premier cannot dissolve UMNO, that the PM Mahathir would not ask UMNO members to jump ship and that PAS Islamist party is invited as well. Exactly which part of “inviting members” of Malay parties (UMNO or UMNO) to join PPBM that Zahid didn’t understand?

UMNO is also a platform to play racial and religious cards to the hilt. Knowing that there is no way Mahathir will accept him, even as a pariah member of PPBM, the despicable Zahid tries to hoodwink UMNO Malay members that the 94-year-old Mahathir Mohamad is a puppet of DAP, despite the fact that the Chinese-majority party has only 42 seats in the 222-seat Parliament.

Ahmad Zahid Hamidi  n Hadi

UMNO President Zahid, who has just returned from his garden leave to resume the leadership of the party despite facing 87 criminal charges related to corruption, said UMNO will never cooperate with Mahathir’s Bersatu (PPBM) as long as DAP is part of the government. The former deputy prime minister also slammed PM-in-waiting Anwar Ibrahim for working with DAP.

In short, Zahid ordered the leaders of both PPBM (Mahathir) and PKR (Anwar) to dump DAP, a party with 42-seat, if the PM and PM-in-waiting wanted to cooperate with UMNO (37 seats) and PAS (18 seats). The arrogant crook talks as if with a combination of 55 seats, UMNO and PAS are the kingmakers in the country so important that the globe spins around the racist and extremist parties.

Exactly what type of cheap grass has Zahid been smoking since his return to the party? Does he think after mocking and insulting the old man’s Indian ancestry, calling him the son of Iskandar “Kutty”, he can still lecture the master strategist and tactician how to run the government? Zahid seems absolutely clueless that politics is the art of making what appears to be impossible possible.

Prior to 2016, nobody, not even Najib and certainly not Zahid, think it was possible that former premier Mahathir Mohamad could embrace arch enemies – DAP supremo Lim Kit Siang or PKR supremo Anwar Ibrahim. Yet, not only did Mahathir laugh and sit at the same roundtable with Lim and Anwar, he also easily convinced Malay folks that UMNO was more toxic than DAP.

Heck, Mahathir had even used PKR’s logo as the common logo to beat the crap out of the invincible UMNO, the arrogant and corrupt leader of previous Barisan Nasional government. With up to 95% of ethnic Chinese vote bank in his pocket, Mahathir just needed to swing 5% of UMNO Malay supporters to the opposition and voila – Najib and Zahid are now looking at vacations in prison.

Zahid Hamidi and Najib Razak - Solemn
Zahid Hamidi n Najib

A smart politician will never burn any bridges. Not only did Zahid burn his bridge with Mahathir by childishly calling the old man “Kutty” before the 14th General Election, he continues burning another bridge with 95% Chinese voters. Like it or not, DAP represents 95% of the Chinese community by virtue of the support the party received. Therefore, an attack against DAP is an attack against the Chinese.

With genius Zahid telling 95% ethnic Chinese to fly kite, that UMNO does not need them to win the next election, you don’t need a rocket scientist to predict how the Chinese will vote in the next poll. Perhaps this Indonesian migrant has no idea the significance of 20.8% of Chinese votes. He probably had mistaken Malaysian Chinese to the Indonesian Chinese’s negligible 1.2% population.

Has anyone noticed how even Najib Razak dares not insult the minority ethnic excessively, despite the fact that 95% of the Chinese had abandoned him like a plague last May? Unlike Zahid, the former premier was wise enough not to burn the bridge with the community. Najib has learned the hard way that politics is the art of making what appears to be impossible possible.

In fact, some Chinese, even Malays for that matter, argued that had Najib not married the wicked Rosmah Mansor, the son of Razak might not have had turned into a disgraced devil he is today. Without Rosmah, who has made Imelda Marcos like a cheapskate amateur, some argued that Mr. Najib could actually be a leader greater than his mentor-turn-nemesis Mahathir.

Strangely, even if the simple-minded Zahid thought he was clever to use DAP Chinese as a punching bag to rally Malays against the Pakatan Harapan government, his tactic appears to be contradicting with his own ally, PAS. The Islamist party’s president Hadi Awang declared on Saturday (July 27) that PAS and UMNO will work to keep Mahathir as prime minister for the full term.

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Dr.M n  Hadi Awang

Of course, such naughty statement from Hadi was meant to add fuel to the fire – to encourage PM Mahathir and PM-in-waiting Anwar to fight each other till the last man standing. But at the same time, it also proves that Mahathir was not a stooge of DAP otherwise how could Zahid explain why UMNO-PAS wanted to keep a DAP puppet on the throne until the 2023’s general election?

More importantly, the opposition’s parties’ insistence that Mahathir must finish his 5-year term means that the UMNO-PAS alliance isn’t convinced that they could win a snap election, despite claims that they command at least 70% of the Malay voters. Should not Zahid and Hadi agree that the sooner Mahathir is booted, the quicker both UMNO and PAS can rule the country?

What Zahid did not tell ignorant UMNO supporters were the hidden reasons why PAS has suddenly become super pro-Mahathir. Instead of DAP, it is PAS that has become Mahathir’s stooge due to the RM90 million bribes Hadi and his corrupt boys had received from Najib Razak before the 14th general election. All Mahathir needs to do is to squeeze Hadi’s balls to make him quack like a duck.

In reality, no government can be formed without the participation of the non-Malay, especially the Chinese. Let’s assume Mahathir and Anwar are willing to cooperate with UMNO and PAS for the sake of Malay unity and kick DAP out in the process. Who will become the new prime minister and deputy prime minister? If the status quo remains, why bother rocking the boat?

If PKR is already engaged in a power struggle between Anwar Ibrahim and his deputy Azmin Ali, imagine the havoc when Hadi Awang, Najib Razak, Zahid Hamidi, Khairy Jamaluddin, Hishammuddin Hussein and other warlords join the mega orgy party after the formation of PPBM-PKR-Amanah-UMNO-PAS coalition? Mahathir isn’t stupid to the extent of dumping Lim Kit Siang in exchange of Zahid Hamidi. - FT

Formula Otai Reformasi: 
15+26+40+18+19 = Azmin jadi PM...

Kumpulan Otai Reformis hari ini mengakui Azmin Ali boleh dilantik sebagai perdana menteri sekiranya timbalan presiden PKR itu bersama beberapa ahli parlimen yang setia dengannya bergabung dengan BN dan PAS.

Setiausaha Otai Reformis Abdul Razak Ismail mengulas teori itu susulan kenyataan Azmin yang menyokong saranan Presiden PAS Abdul Hadi Awang agar Dr Mahathir Mohamad kekal menyandang jawatan perdana menteri untuk sepenggal.

“Satu teori ‘agak keras’ mengandaikan bahawa Azmin bersama beberapa orang ‘rakan-rakan setia kalangan beberapa ahli Parlimen dari kemnya, disertai oleh Bersatu, seterusnya berpadu tenaga dengan BN dan PAS untuk mengambil alih tampuk pemerintahan di Putrajaya.

“Bagaimanapun, saya berasa teori ini adalah ‘mustahil’ dan yakin bahawa Dr Mahathir tidak akan merestuinya usaha-usaha sedemikian tetapi dalam senario politik semasa tiada yang mustahil dalam kancah politik,” kata kumpulan tegar penyokong presiden PKR, Anwar Ibrahim itu dalam satu kenyataan.

Abdul Razak membayangkan gabungan tersebut tidak cukup untuk mendapatkan “simple majority” yang memerlukan 112 kerusi bagi menubuhkan kerajaan.

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“Katakanlah akhirnya Azmin meninggalkan PKR bersama 15 orang Ahli Parlimen yang setia bersamanya dan andaian bahawa kesemua Ahli Parlimen PPBM (Bersatu) dengan 26 ahli parlimen turut serta dan ini secara kiraan kasarnya memberikan Azmin sebanyak 15 + 26 bersamaan 41 kerusi.

“Manakala BN mempunyai 40 kerusi dan PAS mempunyai 18 kerusi. Sekiranya kerjasama dan persepakatan ini berlaku juga, maka jumlahnya adalah 41 + 40 + 18 bersamaan 99 kerusi di parlimen,” katanya.

Namun, katanya, sekiranya 19 kerusi yang dimiliki oleh Gabungan Parti Sarawak (GPS) turut menyokong Azmin, maka ia mampu menubuhkan kerajaan iaitu dengan formula 99 +19 atau bersamaan 118 kerusi.

Namun, katanya, walaupun Azmin mampu menarik 15 ahli parlimen yang setia terhadapnya untuk keluar dari Pakatan Harapan atau kemungkinan menubuhkan parti baru,  ia belum tentu diterima penyokongnya.

“Saya rasa Dr Mahathir yang begitu pakar dalam sepak teranjang politik tidaklah begitu naif untuk merestui perancangan ini yang bakal menggadaikan karier politik beliau hanya sekadar untuk menyelamat kerjaya politik Azmin,” katanya. - mk

Pelik bila Azmin terpedaya 
dengan PAS dan UMNO....

Semua tahu, sebelum PRU14 sewaktu PH menamakan Tun M sebagai PM sekiranya PH ke Putrajaya, berbagai kenyataan dari Pas dan Umno yang memperlekehkan Tun M. Di kalangan parti KEADILAN sendiri ada dua tiga kerat pimpinan yang menyuarakan rasa tidak senang apabila Tun M dinamakan.

Pas pernah menyatakan negara ini akan rosak binasa jika Tun M menjadi PM semula. Hadi tanpa rasa malu sebagai seorang ulamak kononnya, memperlekehkan Tun M dengan menyatakan Tun M hanya layak menjadi doktor di klinik 1 Malaysia. Pemimpin Umno lebih hebat lagi menghina Tun M dengan menggelarnya orang tua nyanyuk dan sebagainya.

Di dalam KEADILAN waktu itu, pernah kita dengar Azmin selaku Timbalan Presiden menyokong Tun M sebagai PM? Tiada. Apa yang ada hanyalah suara-suara tidak puas hati dari beberapa orang kuat Azmin seperti Zuraidah. Ertikata lain, waktu itu tiada suara sokongan dari Azmin pun untuk menyokong Tun M sebagai PM. Mungkin beliau impikan namanya diangkat mengambil kesempatan Anwar di dalam penjara.

Hari ini, Azmin mengeluarkan kenyataan menyokong Pas dan Umno yang turut kononnya menyokong Tun M sebagai PM. Azmin sebagai orang lama dalam politik sepatutnya boleh membaca mengapa sekarang Pas dan Umno menyokong Tun M? Azmin bukan tidak tahu, Anwar lebih awal menyokong Tun M sebagai PM sewaktu beliau di dalam penjara lagi, disaat Azmin sendiri tidak mengeluarkan sokongan kepada Tun M.

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Mengapa sewaktu Anwar dan KEADILAN mengeluarkan kenyataan menyokong Tun M, Azmin selaku Timbalan Presiden tidak mengeluarkan sokongan kepada kenyataan ini? Secara tiba-tiba sekarang, Azmin sokong kenyataan Pas dan Umno? Ada udang balik batu.

Tidaklah bodoh sangat kita untuk menjangkakan mengapa Pas dan Umno sokong Tun M sekarang ini, bukan dahulu lagi. Ini adalah kerana pertamanya mereka mahu wujudkan perpecahan di dalam PH. Keduanya, mereka amat takut Anwar jadi PM sebelum PRU15 kerana potensi Anwar untuk hancurkan Pas dan Umno amat besar sekali. Anwar seorang yang komited dengan agenda reformasi. Hanya dengan melaksanakan agenda reformasi sahaja bakal menguburkan pas dan Umno. Ini yang amat ditakuti oleh Umno dan Pas.

Mengapa Azmin turut menyokong strategi dan helah Pas dan Umno itu? Mudah saja, beliau mahu "nyawa" politiknya dipanjangkan. Hanya Tun M sahaja mampu memberi "oksigen" kepada beliau yang kini "semput dan nazak" dengan isu video Sandakan. Demi kepentingan diri, beliau sanggup menyokong Pas dan Umno sama seperti beliau pernah lakukan sewaktu beliau menjadi MB Selangor dahulu.

Cukup-cukuplah Azmin dengan sandiwara mu itu. - WfAuzdin NS

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Tok Bomoh cari makan.Dedak sana dah habis,lutut pun ketaq...-f/bk

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