17 July 2017

Gadis cuba bunuh diri pasai putus cinta dengan Bangla...

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Kes bunuh diri selalu berlaku. Di Malaysia pun tidak kurang pelbagai insiden bunuh diri dilakukan termasuklah terjun dari bangunan.

Baru-baru ini tular satu video rakaman seorang gadis yang masih lagi muda meluah rasa sedihnya melalui akaun facebooknya kerana putus cinta. Menurut orang ramai, gadis berkenaan baru sahaja putus cinta dengan kekasihnya yang merupakan seorang lelaki Bangladesh yang bekerja di sini.

Dalam rakaman video tersebut, dia di lihat menggunakan bahasa Inggeris dan berselang-seli menggunakan bahasanya sendiri cuba meluahkan rasa cintanya pada lelaki Bangla itu. 

Dia di lihat sempat menundukkan kepalanya berkali-kali sambil menangis kerana kecewa. Rakaman itu di katakan di buat di dalam sebuah tandas di kediamannya.

Gadis berkenaan di hujung video itu di lihat telah meneguk pencucui lantai dan ianya mengejutkan ramai orang. Di akhir video itu, mulutnya di lihat berbuih dan bibirnya agak biru. 

Hari ini, ramai netizen di katakan menggunakan laman facebook terutamanya live video untuk menunjukkan rasa hati masing-masing termasuklah untuk mencederakan diri atau membunuh diri.- ohtrending

Go Ahead And Ban DAP Rocket 
From Next Election...

DAP, Democratic Action Party, is the most powerful and influential opposition party in Malaysia. During the previous 13th nationwide election in 2013, the party attracted at least 90% of ethnic-Chinese votes. In the next 14th election, which will have to happen on or before 24 August 2018, DAP is expected to garner less than 90% of the Chinese vote-bank.

That’s because the Chinese, whom were flushed with confidence that the now-defunct opposition alliance of Pakatan Rakyat (People’s Alliance) could take over the federal government for the first time since the nation’s Independence in 1957, have given up hope. Still, DAP should have little trouble getting at least 75% – 80% of the Chinese votes.

If the Chinese decide not to waste time casting their votes for DAP in the coming general election, it would not be because they plan to vote for MCA or Gerakan (two Chinese-majority parties aligned to Prime Minister Najib Razak). If opposition DAP couldn’t get the Chinese votes, nobody else would get them. They would simply stay at home and refuse to vote.

Thanks to Liew Chin Tong, the DAP’s brilliant strategist, the ethnic-Chinese are once again re-energized, determined to vote in drove for DAP come rain or shine. Liew skillfully provoked Najib administration by “suggesting” that Najib would drop several menteris besar (chief ministers) as well as UMNO’s top leaders – otherwise known as warlords.

Mr. Liew also said that if there is a 15% shift in the ethnic-Malay support, then UMNO-BN would lose in 40 Parliamentary seats in Peninsular Malaysia in the 14th General Election, effectively cripples Najib regime. The DAP advisor also claimed that Najib no longer received public support because he was smeared by numerous issues – primarily 1MDB and FGV scandals.

The provocation works wonderfully. PM Najib’s apple polishers and bootlickers, as expected, swallowed the hook, line and sinker. The not-so-clever bootlickers immediately go bonkers. Tengku Sariffuddin Tengku Ahmad, the prime minister’s press secretary, for example, told Liew Chin Tong that he should focus on fixing his party’s democratic deficit instead.

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Thinking he was really smart, Mr. Sariffuddin said Liew, who is also a MP of Kluang, should in fact be more concerned about the serious predicament his party (DAP) was in as they did not know whether their infamous rocket logocould be used in the coming general election. Indirectly, Sariffuddin reveals how his boss (PM Najib) plans to deny DAP from participating in the next election.

After Election Commission, it appears that Najib son of Razak, currently tainted with the 1MDB corruption and money laundering scandal, is planning to use Registrar of Societies (RoS) to ban DAP. By denying DAP its democratic right, Najib, allegedly has stolen billions of dollars of taxpayers’ money, hopes to weaken the opposition coalition and steal the Penang state from DAP.

Today, Deputy Prime Minister Ahmad Zahid Hamidi has basically confirmed his boss’ evil plan, telling all and sundry that while the Registrar of Societies will not register DAP, the opposition political party may not be able to contest in the next general election – if it doesn’t hold its central executive committee (CEC) re-elections as instructed.

How many times do DAP need to hold re-elections? The DAP had already conducted a re-election of its CEC members on Sept 29, 2013 according to the directive of the RoS pursuant to their letter dated July 30, 2013. Back then, the RoS had, in 2013, ordered a re-election of DAP’s CEC after it found irregularities and manipulation of votes by the party in its initial election in December 2012.

Yesterday, as predicted by Sariffuddin (a wizard more powerful than Saruman and Gandalf), RoS director-general Mohammad Razin Abdullah instructed DAP to hold yet another re-election of the party’s CEC. Conveniently, the RoS claims that DAP’s re-election held on Sept 29, 2013 was equally unlawful too, just when the corrupt Najib is about to call for a snap election this year.

The funny question is this – if the first election in 2012 and the second re-election in 2013 were found to be unlawful, what are the chances that a third re-election in 2017 could satisfy Registrar of Societies (RoS)? That’s right, it took the RoS four years to wake up from its slumberland and tells opposition DAP that it has to hold another re-election – again.

Do you want the proof that RoS has no integrity but another lapdog of Najib Razak? On January 22, 2014, DAP Secretary-General Lim Guan Eng filed a judicial review application on behalf of the party, saying the RoS had no power under the Societies Act 1966 to refuse the recognition of the CEC which was re-elected on Sept 29, 2013. If RoS was an agency with integrity, it would fight DAP in court.

Guess what was the RoS’ reaction. The Registrar of Societies amusingly took a U-turn and said it actually recognizes the DAP CEC elected on Sept 29, 2013 but their statements that says otherwise on the matter were “merely advice and not legally binding”. Thereafter, the DAP decided to drop the judicial review application against the Registrar of Societies (ROS).

The fact is, it doesn’t matter how many times or how proper DAP holds its election, or re-election for that matter. What one needed is to bribe a DAP member to complain to the RoS that the election process of CEC members of DAP and main office bearers was not legally carried out and voila, RoS could then declare the election unlawful. But why is this vital?

According to the Societies Act, when elections approach, the party candidate’s “watikah” (credentials) must be signed by a RoS officer. Therefore, if the committee (DAP in this case) is not recognised, the credential cannot be produced and authorized. Hence, the (DAP) candidate cannot contest. Sure, DAP can sue the Registrar of Societies – again.

However, even if DAP, or any opposition party for that matter, wins the case in a “Kangaroo Court”, it would be water under the bridge. By then, the election would be over. Not a single of DAP candidate could contest in the coming 14th nationwide election. This is not the first time Najib regime deploys such a dirty trick. It happened 4 years ago to undermine DAP.

The same RoS issued a similar letter to the DAP on April 17, 2013, just three weeks before the 13th general election on May 5. Realizing their evil plan would backfire after public uproar, Najib regime then made a fantastic U-turn. RoS was instructed to issue another letter on April 19, 2013, informing that DAP would be allowed to use its rocket symbol in the election.

Najib’s plan would otherwise work beautifully – if today is 30 years ago. Unfortunately, with the government-controlled mainstream media losing its influence to alternative social media, every Tom, Dick and his hamster by now is aware of Najib’s plan to ban DAP from contesting. In fact, DAP knew this was coming but they wanted Najib regime to admit it publicly.

Now that strategist Liew Chin Tong had successfully baited the foolish Sariffuddin, DAP can now run a campaign drama – crying, whining and bitching how the Chinese are being bullied, oppressed and suppressed by the corrupt UMNO, Najib’s political party. The sympathy card will be used to rally not only the ethnic-Chinese, but also to fish for ethnic-Malay votes.

DAP and its allies – PKR (People’s Justice Party), PPRM (Malaysian United Indigenous Party) and AMANAH (National Trust Party) – can now openly tell the Malay voters it is safe to vote for ABU (Anything But UMNO), even if the candidate is a monkey, because the Chinese-based DAP party can no longer contest in the 14th general election.

But would not that mean DAP will be neither with a state seat nor a parliamentary seat? Not at all. 

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Back in 2013, it was the fear that ethnic-Malay voters would vote for a DAP candidate forced to park under PAS (Pan-Malaysian Islamic Party) flag that Najib regime made the spectacular U-turn, which allowed DAP to use its rocket symbol eventually.

Likewise, this time DAP candidates can park under PKR,AMANAH or PPRM flag. Heck, they could even run under “Independent” ticket. There’s no law that says independent candidate cannot form a state government in Penang. And there’s certainly no law that says a DAP member cannot contest under an “Independent” symbol.

Sure, due to confusion, DAP candidates contesting under symbols other than a rocket would probably lose some Chinese votes. But the loss would be smaller than the losses of Malay votes for UMNO because now, without the threat of Chinese-DAP, they could cast freely and widely to other opposition Malay-based political parties – PKR, AMANAH and PPRM.

DAP should just play along, drag their feet and refuse to comply with RoS’ order. By complying with RoS’ political-motivated order, it would be an admission that DAP had indeed conducted their election illegally. Why should DAP give RoS the satisfaction of screwing them, over and over again? Play the perception game and perhaps RoS might make another U-turn.

DAP should cry victim and use it as a weapon during election campaign. RoS’ latest action provides a great tool to rally the Chinese. It’s also a great tool to persuade the conservative Malay to vote freely against UMNO. However, DAP needs to quickly launch their plan-B. Eventually, the desperate Najib might launch a last-minute stunt – declaring DAP as an illegal organization.– Ft,MCA

RoS must issue letter before DAP can proceed with polls

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