13 April 2019

Dr.M all prepared for the Royal Rumble...

Johor Sultan Ibrahim - PM Mahathir Mohamad
Dr.M Seems Hungry For 
A War With The Monarchy...

Without hidden hands, the Sultanate of Johor would not dare attack Mahathir government so openly. It definitely smells a rat when some nine student activists exposed how a group of four academics from local universities were involved in advising the Conference of Rulers and convinced the monarchies to reject the Rome Statute.

The gang of four who had apparently ill-advised the Conference of Rulers are Universiti Teknologi Mara’s deputy vice-chancellor and dean of Faculty of Law Prof Rahmat Mohamad, International Islamic University of Malaysia’s law lecturer Assoc Prof Shamrahayu Ab Aziz, and Universiti Sains Islam Malaysia’s law lecturers Fareed Mohd Hassan and Hisham Hanapi.

Is there anybody out there actually believe the nine sultans in the country somehow had approached the four academics to prepare some papers on Rome Statute and presented them “secretly”, without any involvement from some politicians who harboured the evil intention of triggering a conflict between the country’s monarchy and the new government?

Strangely, Johor Crown Prince Tunku Ismail fired his first shot at Mahathir administration on March 10, claiming that there could be orchestrated war crimes to eliminate the country’s royal institution, but the papers prepared by the four academics were dated April 2. It was like an afterthought that some “biased” papers were prepared to justify the rejection of the Rome Statute.

The justification papers conveniently but laughably used the tribunals set up against Emperor Wilhelm II of Germany and Emperor Hirohito of Japan – two monarchies who were involved directly in World War I and World War II, respectively – to conclude that the Malay Rulers in the country were not immune from prosecution by the ICC (International Criminal Court).

While it is a public knowledge the majority of the local university lecturers possess an IQ worse than a carrot, it’s flabbergasting that the supposedly wise Sultanate of Johor actually believed Emperor Hirohito was innocent. The Japanese emperor was directly responsible for the war crimes committed by the Empire of Japan in many Asia-Pacific countries during the period of Japanese imperialism.

Is there any plan by the country’s monarchy to expand the Empire of Malaysia through military invasion and imperialism against its neighbouring countries, Southeast Asia, and even Asia-Pacific for that matter, and in the process slaughter millions of innocent lives, the same way the Empire of Japan had done under Emperor Hirohito during the World War II (1939-45)?

Don’t make my toes laugh. Only four out of the 28 Russian fighter jets owned by the Royal Malaysian Air Force (RMAF) are able to take to the skies – revealed Defence Minister Mohamad Sabu last July. Any military intervention needs tons of money. The Malaysian Army’s financial state was so pathetic that army trucks were used to transport students to schools.

The jurisdiction of Rome Statute of the International Criminal Court (ICC) covers four international crimes – genocide, crimes against humanity, war crimes, and crimes of aggression. The reason the U.S. is not a member is because the global community will punish America for its aggressive foreign policy by using the ICC to prosecute American soldiers and other military actors.

Malaysia Monarchies - Sultans
Malaysia Monarchies - Sultans

Obviously, the nine Malay Rulers in the country will not be subjected to ICC prosecution simply because Malaysia is a constitutional and not an absolute monarchy, unlike Japanese Emperor Hirohito. Hence, the fierce rejection of the Rome Statute, especially by the Sultanate of Johor, was nothing but a political game seeking revenge by the second generation of the monarchy.

The Johor Crown Prince has made it his personal vendetta against Mahathir even before the corrupted Najib regime collapsed last May. Back in 2016, the prince cried, whined, moaned and bitched about the old man. Basically, he was referring to the 1993 Constitutional Crisis – which involved the stripping of the monarchs’ legal immunity.

The Johor prince, who was only 8-year-old during the crisis, said – “I will never forget the 1992 constitutional crisis. I remember things such as trying to disband the Johor Military Force, Johor Exco members were told not to receive my late grandfather at the airport, how JKR was told not to fix and maintain anything at any of the Johor Palaces.”

Recalling how his mother was stopped by Malaysian officials upon her return home from Singapore, the crown prince said – “I still remember how my family was treated by the federal government officers. She was told to step out of the car because they wanted to inspect everything in the car. I still remember everything and I still remember the individuals responsible for it.”

 Rome Statute - ICC International Criminal Court Building
Rome Statute - ICC International Criminal Court Building

The Johor Crown Prince might still feel insulted that his family was stripped away the VVIP treatments during the 1992 crisis. However, the fact remains that had his grandfather (Sultan Mahmud) behaved and didn’t beat up hockey coach Douglas Gomez in 1992, not to mention the murder of a golf caddie in 1987 while serving as Agong (King), Mahathir would not have had the excuse to strip the monarchy of their immunity.

The intervention of Sultan Ibrahim of Johor in protecting his crown prince has made the war of words between the 93-year-old PM Mahathir Mohamad and the 35-year-old Crown Prince Tunku Ismail more explosive than Donald Trump and Kim Jong-Un during the nuclear weapon confrontation. Things heated up a few notches after Mahathir told all and sundry that the Johor prince was not above the law.

On the day Johor Menteri Besar (Chief Minister) Osman Sapian was rumoured to resign, the crown prince childishly tweeted that his father, the Sultan of Johor, had wanted to replace Mr Osman for some months. He said – “The order to change the Menteri Besar has been said before. But someone else wants to take the credit and mileage, as if he ordered it.”

Without the crown prince realising it, his admission that Chief Minister Osman only resigned two days ago (April 9) after a meeting with Mahathir, despite months of lobbying by the Johor Palace to replace him, goes to show that the prime minister is still the boss calling the shot, and not the royalty as the future Sultan of Johor would like people to believe.

Mahathir Mohamad - Blue Suit
Dr. Mahathir Mohd. - Perdana Menteri..

But the biggest controversial remark which attracted the attention of PM Mahathir was when the crown prince said that the power to choose the Menteri Besar (Chief Minister) is the absolute right of the Sultan. Get real, if the Sultan of Johor possesses the absolute right to do so, it would not be known as constitutional monarchy but an absolute monarchy, would it not?

Going by the sultan’s amusing logic, probably his crown prince can contest for a state election and upon winning the seat; the monarch can thereafter appoint his own son as the Chief Minister. Perhaps the Johor Sultan thinks the Kingdom of Johor was an “independent nation” when he warned unnamed parties, obviously referring to premier Mahathir, not to interfere with his state’s affairs.

Mahathir gladly and cleverly answered that the federal government is authorised to comment on Johor’s affairs as the state is part of the federation. The prime minister, despite his advanced age, has proven to be a hard nut to crack when he said the role of appointing the new Johor Menteri Besar lies with the party that won the election, not with the Johor Sultan.

Like it or not, Mr. Mahathir is the only man in the entire nation who has the balls of steel to confront the monarchies. Not even PM-in-waiting Anwar Ibrahim has a fraction of the old man’s guts when comes to war with any of the nine sultans. In fact, the more one tries to intimidate or bully the world’s oldest prime minister, the more he will fight back.

The Sultanate of Johor, and the rest of the monarchies for that matter, should be careful what they wish for. At Mahathir’s current ripe age of 93, do you really think he is afraid of anybody or anything now? He has nothing to lose but everything to gain should the royalty challenges him to a war. In fact, he’s begging the monarchy to declare war on him.

 Image result for johor crown prince tunku ismail sultan ibrahim
Johor Crown Prince Tunku Ismail Sultan Ibrahim

Today (April 11), PM Mahathir fired his first warning shot – “There have been a lot of attempts to make the Rulers unhappy with the government. But it is not going to succeed. It will fail. They cannot just get rid of the government and substitute it, unless of course you want to drop democracy and become a kleptocracy or become an autocracy.”

While his statement does not sound very threatening or fearsome, it contains hidden messages which could be absolutely deadly. Mahathir is notorious for saying one thing but meant another altogether. Any dumb moves or missteps from the Sultanate of Johor could be interpreted as possible attempts of overthrowing the legitimate government or even inciting an uprising against the Agong (King).

If the Johor Palace is not careful, not only the crown prince, but also Sultan Ibrahim himself could be dragged and charged in a Special Court. Established in 1993 after the Constitutional Crisis, the Special Court has exclusive jurisdiction to try all offences committed in the Federation by the “Yang di-Pertuan Agong (King)” or the Ruler of a State, which in this case include Sultan Johor.

Perhaps the Sultanate of Johor thinks Mahathir, who ruled the country with an iron-fist for 22 years from 1981 to 2003, is an easy meat today due to his old age. The question is can you handle the old ginger? If he could single-handedly tame the nine monarchies when they still possessed immunity in 1993, how difficult it is to handle a sultanate without immunity today?

For all you know, Mahathir probably has already prepared the necessary chess pieces for the Royal Rumble. One has to remember the life of this old horse is on the battlefields. Retirement makes his life dull and meaningless. He had brought down his successors PM Abdullah Badawi and PM Najib Razak, not to mention deputies and opponents like Musa Hitam, Tengku Razaleigh and Anwar Ibrahim. - FT

 Johor bukan negara asing kata Tun M...

Masuk gelanggang tunjuk kejantanan kamu sebagai pahlawan atau lanun Bugis. Tun M mencabar siapa saja pahlawan silat pulut atau silat cekak berhadapan dengan beliau dalam gelanggang politik. Jangan menyalak seperti anjing gila atau berkokok seperti ayam jantan pondan di bawah payung kuning.

Tidak ada sebuah negeri pun dalam Malaysia boleh keluar tanpa menghadapi risiko besar. Apa yang berlaku pada Tun Mustapha yang hendak memisahkan Sabah dari Malaysia akan berlaku pada istana Johor kalau berani tarik keluar Johor dari Persekutuan Tanah Melayu. Datuk Kalong Ningkan bekas Ketua Menteri Sarawak pernah cuba menarik keluar Sarawak dari Malaysia. Akhirnya dia kecundang, dan hilang jawatan.

Dalam sistem Federalisme semua negeri bersatu menerima perlembagaan negara sebagai sumber kekuatannya. Raja berperlembagaan menjadi asas pentadbiran negara dan negeri. Tidak ada gelaran maharaja dalam budaya kesultanan Melayu. Raja zalim raja disanggah, raja adil raja disembah. Dalam kasino Genting ada raja daimen, raja lekuk, raja sepit dan raja kelawar. Di luar Genting ada raja kapur dan raja gila.

Image may contain: 1 person, text

Sila masuk gelanggang kalau berani hadapi Tun M. Sang raja boleh uji apakah dia populer diterima rakyat atau sebaliknya. Yang nyata pada PRU 14 UMNO/BN tumbang di Johor walaupun Johor dikatakan kubu kuat UMNO. Walau pun pihak istana mirip pada Najib maharaja perompak Bugis kelas cakrawala namun rakyat Johor tetap menolak UMNO/BN.

Sikap dan amalan DYMM Sultan Perak, Raja Nazrin Shah, mendapat pujian rakyat jelata. Kata baginda istana patut jangan mencampuri urusan politik. Jaga maruah, integriti dan status raja berperlembagaan. Jangan bermain api dalam politik nanti terbakar segala bintang kehormatan dan pakaian sang raja. Era raja gila kuasa, jadi pembunuh, perogol sudah tamat. Ini era rakyat yang berkuasa dan mereka menentukan nasib mereka dan negara, bukan istana.

Mahu cabar Tun M? Silakan. Jangan jatuh pitam dan merana badan sekiranya berbagai kes jenayah yang dilakukan pihak istana dibongkar semula, dan mereka dihadapkan ke mahkamah. Jangan terkejut kalau ada orang istana yang menjadi banduan di Sg Buloh kelak. - Yahaya Ismail

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Sejak minggu lepas..Pemimpin PAS dan UMNO Macam macam depa fitnah, takutkan pendeposit Tabung Haji.. depa kata Aset tabung haji tergadai kepada Cina la, Kerajaan PH Bakal bankrap dan musnahkan Tabung Haji.. sampai buat cerita palsu Cawangan Tabung Haji di Bachok sampai dah takda duit..kononnya punya ramai orang keluarkan Duit.. sapa punya cerita kalau Pemimpin walaun jahat dari PAS..

Tapi Bila kita kata, kami suruh depa keluarkan duit dari Tabung Haji.. Tak berani pulak.. depa kata kalau berlaku " Bank Run" yang teruk adalah Tabung Haji.. Keluar jer lah.. Tabung Haji pun dah kata depa dah sedia kalau ada "Bank run".. Takat 20-30 Billion duit Pendeposit Hilang apa lah sangat, Kerajaan PH pun boleh bailout lebih 17 Billion aset Tabung Haji.. takkan nak cover takat 10 billion hilang pun takda masalah..

Lagi mudah Kerajaan ngan Tabung Haji bayar dividen tinggi sikit..takda beban sangat bayaq kat orang PAS dan UMNO.. boleh bayaq lagi tinggi.. ini Tabung Haji bayaq dividen RM 900 juta, RM 500 juta jer bayaq pada kelompok 1% pendeposit kaya yang ada duit sekurang kurangnya sejuta dalam akaun..

Sebenarnya depa pun takut.. depa pun tahu, sekarang Tabung Haji dah on Track.. Bakal Pulih, saja nak main sentimen Politik perkauman Agama..kononnya nak jadi Hero Ummat Islam dan Melayu.. nak bodohkan pengikut dna pentaksub depa..geng geng Ulama Durjana pun cuma nak cover salah laku Pemimpin Durjana Tabung Haji.. tu jer tujuan depa.. sebab depa dulu puas hati dengan Durjana ni..

Bila Kelmarin Dr Mujahid umumkan Deposit bukannya berkurang.. tapi bertambah pulak..maknanya Tabung Haji dah dapa keyakinan dari Rakyat.. Tiba tiba PAS dan UMNO nak berlakon jadi Hero..sampai pemimpin UMNO mintak pendeposit sabar dan tidak keluarkan duit..sebab ini Jihad Ekonomi.. Pulak dah.. pandai pulak berlakon suruh Jihad Ekonomi, terus bersama Tabung Haji....

Depa sebenarnya bukan nak berjihad Sangat.. Sebab Jahat ... Fitnah depa dah gagal.... sebabnya depa gagal mainkan fitnah ni , yg betul nya nak cover cerita sebenar perosak Tabung Haji dari kalangan Penyamun, Penyangak ngan kelompok Durjana..! - Ipoh Mali


Dulu UMNO dikatakan sesat dan kafir. 
Last2 jadi khadam UMNO.

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