25 April 2016

30 sen nak makan apa...

Kisah 30 sen yang menyentuh hati saya...

Cikgu : Kenapa Amin tak rehat?

Amin: Mak saya beri 30sen sehari Cikgu ... kat kanti n 30sen ni dpt beli karipap je satu, segan la cikgu beratur panjang2 dpt beli karipap satu ja.Jadi saya kumpul duit hari ni utk mkn hari esok , dpt la saya mkn karipap ngan air sirap 30sen. Saya kat kantin hari Selasa dan Khamis je cikgu (Amin tertunduk malu)

Perasaan saya mula bercampur baur, sedih dan sebak. Di zaman 2015 ini masih juga ada pelajar yg membawa 30sen ke sekolah. 

Ramai di antara kita memandang 30sen itu jumlah yg kecil sedangkan bagi pelajar ini 30sen sgt besar ertinya ..

Cikgu : Kalau hari jumaat awk x pergi kantin la ya ? 

Amin: Oh .. hari jumaat duit 30sen ni saya sdekah masa bacaan yasiin , cikgu." jwb Amin dgn bersahaja. "Mak saya kata kalau kita sedekah, rezeki kita akan bertambah.."

Mata saya dah berkaca... saya terkejut dan bertambah sebak, dah lah duit ada 30sen, siap boleh sedekah pulak lagi..

Ya Allah, limpahkan lah rezeki bagi keluarga pelajarku ini. Luaskan lah pintu rezeki mereka semuga mereka tidak lagi berada didlm kemiskinan.

Huh, macam terpukul sungguh saya, bayangkan duit 30sen yg diberi utk makan, dia sedekahkan 30sen utk tabung sekolah setiap Jumaat semasa bacaan yasin.

Mungkin cerita ni nampak simple tapi ia memberi 1000 pengajaran agar kita semua lebihkan bersedekah .... - f/bk

Kenapa Rafizi berani lawan OSA?Rafizi menjawab sendiri. 
This is why Zahid Hamidi cannot be Prime Minister...

Why should Malaysians jump from the frying pan into the fire? Why should the rakyat trade one form of oppression, for another?

Malaysians are disappointed that the opposition coalition is fragmented and bereft of ideas. At a time when Umno Baru is splintered, and the scandals mount, the Opposition is as good as useless.

When former Law Minister Zaid Ibrahim urged Ummo Baru members to dump Najib Razak, and replace him with the DPM Zahid Hamidi, the rakyat was not convinced. This would be an eye-wateringly irresponsible move for the following reasons.

First. Family Affair. With Zahid, it will be like going to a supermarket and getting a "Buy One, Get One Free" (BOGOF) item.

Can the rakyat forget Zahid's obnoxious daughter? Don't for one second imagine that she will shut up when 'papa' is PM. Umno Baru is bad enough as an institution, but for the premiership to be like a family-run business is enough to make Malaysians more depressed.

Second. Reform or replace? If the sole purpose of the "Save Malaysia" campaign is to remove Najib, then it is rendered meaningless, because Umno Baru is as much a part of the problem as Najib. The PM's removal is not sufficient, because the system which Umno Baru perpetuated is broken. The system needs fixing, and Zahid is not the one to do this.

Third. Scraping the bottom of the barrel. Last week, Zaid urged us to give Zahid a chance because he (Zahid) "could not be worse than Najib". Remember a few years ago, when Najib replaced former PM Abdullah Badawi, some said that Najib could not possibly do any harm. Look at how Malaysia has slid down the slippery slope.

Fourth. Gangster links. Crooked politicians all over the world are known to outsource their dodgy dealings and violent tactics to thugs and the criminal underworld. Remember how Zahid defended the Malay gang, Tiga Line, and said they were harmless? This is tantamount to Obama saying the Mafia are "legitimate businessmen".

Fifth. Triad connections. In January 2015, Zahid wrote a letter to the Federal Bureau of Investigation (FBI) to say that the gambling kingpin, Paul Phua, had provided valuable services in the defence of Malaysia's national security. Phua had allegedly started an illegal gambling syndicate in America, and despite the PDRM saying that Phua belonged to the 14K triad, Zahid defended him. A man who is a poor judge of character should not be the PM.

Sixth. Criticism. Can anyone recall Zahid criticising Najib for his involvement in the RM4 billion donation and the 1MDB scandal?

Seventh. Opposition to Press Freedom. There is no love lost between Zahid and the journalists from the alternative media. He has warned these journalists and said that he was watching their every move, and their every word!

Eighth. Conservatism. Some political analysts believe that Zahid is more conservative than Najib. Political commentator, Liew Wui Chern, alleges that Zahid may have been responsible for Najib's U-turn on the abolition of the Sedition Act 1948, and also had a hand in replacing the Internal Security Act 1960 (ISA) with the Security Offences (Special Measures) Act 2012 (Sosma).

Ninth. Men of Integrity. Successive leaders have milked the nation dry and transferred their wealth offshore. It was alleged that in 2012, Malaysians accounted for 17% of people buying up new, exclusive London properties. How convenient to hide one's ill-gotten gains in the form of property. Malaysia needs a new breed of principled leaders.

Tenth. Best man for the job. Why should Malaysians settle for second best? Our system has been corrupted, through successive generations of Umno Baru/BN hypocrites, who feathered their nests and ignored the rakyat. For decades, we suffered. If we have to wait a few more years for the best man, or woman, for the job, we will. - Mariam Mokhtar,theantdaily


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