17 November 2015

UMNO buat Tanah Rizab Melayu harta bapa depa...

Kerajaan negeri Terengganu dilaporkan telah meminda dan mewartakan undang-undang negeri yang membolehkan Umno Terengganu mengambil alih tanah rizab Melayu.

Menurut ahli parlimen Pakatan Harapan di Parlimen hari ini, pindaan kepada Seksyen 9 Enakmen Tanah Rizab Melayu Terengganu dibuat di DUN Terengganu pada Mei lalu.

"Sebagai seorang peguam, saya tidak pernah melihat undang-undang sebegini," kata Ahli Parlimen Sepang Hanipa Maidin pada sidang akhbar di lobi parlimen.

Beliau diiringi oleh ADUN Bandar Terengganu Azan Ismail yang mendakwa dirinya adalah wakil rakyat tunggal yang membantah pindaan tersebut.

"Saya cadangkan anda tanya kepada Datuk Seri Abdul Hadi Awang, mengapa sebagai pemimpin pembangkang Terengganu, beliau tidak membantah (pindaan) ini," kata Hanipa.

Azan mengakui beliau khuatir pindaan baru itu akan menyusul ke negeri-negeri lain.

"Saya bimbang dengan undang-undang baru ini, ia akan pendulu bagi membolehkan negeri-negeri lain juga membenarkan pemilikan tanah rizab Melayu dipindahkan kepada parti politik," katanya.

Sesalinan hansard DUN Terengganu yang dilihat oleh Malaysiakini menunjukkan Menteri Besar Datuk Ahmad Razif Abdul Rahman mempertahankan pindaan itu untuk melindungi kepentingan Umno.

"Kami mahu lindungi tanah milik Umno supaya ia kekal di bawah orang Melayu, kerana ahli-ahli Umno adalah orang Melayu," kata Razif di DUN Terengganu pada 14 Mei lalu.

Selain Umno Terengganu, pindaan juga membolehkan pemilikan tanah rizab Melayu dipindahkan kepada Perbadanan PR1MA.

Hanipa berkata beliau dan Azan akan mencabar pindaan itu di mahkamah. - mk

Is Najib waiting for country to go bankrupt...

Raub MP Mohd Ariff Sabri Abdul Aziz has conceded in his latest blog posting that Second Finance Minister Ahmad Husni Hanadzlah may perhaps be a likable person, being generally mild-mannered, but has unfortunately been reduced to an outcast by Prime Minister Najib Abdul Razak in answering on behalf of the latter.

The MP does not go into Husni’s answer in Parliament for now. 

“Perhaps tomorrow, I will put up an article.”

For now, he stressed that he had to post a piece in Bahasa.

“What else does Najib want? What’s he waiting for? Is he waiting for the country to go bankrupt like 1MDB before he decides to quit. Is 1MDB 1Malaysia Dah Bankrap?”

“Given the surveys, Umno and Najib have no future, especially if the people continue to remain upset with him and his government.”

Before turning to the Bahasa piece proper, Ariff demolished the idea that had Budget 2016 been voted down, there would be no financial outlay for the country for next year. “This invective is the silliest idea.”

“If the Budget was voted out, this government falls. The incoming government would put up a Budget for 2016.”

If the Najib Government can prepare a Budget, he added, the new administration CAN prepare a new Budget. “Haven’t I said it before? If Najib can become Prime Minister, anyone can become Prime Minister.”

The MP was referring to Budget 2016 which had passage to the second reading on Monday night with the Opposition, excluding PAS, voting against it “because it contains so many inconsistencies, misinformation, and silly policies. It ought to be rejected.”

In his Bahasa piece, Ariff reiterates that Najib is all about himself and a small group when the government should be about the people. 

“Already, his support among the people generally has dropped to 23 per cent according to a recent survey which also found that he had only 31 per cent Malay support while support among the Chinese had hit rock bottom at 5 per cent.”

Najib, he charged, was no leader. “He lacks leadership qualities, has no vision and has an inability to think and focus on what’s right. If he was a true leader, he can succeed. Instead, whenever he opens his mouth, all sorts of strange utterings come out because he has a self-serving agenda.”

He conceded that the lack of Malay support could not be taken for granted as it can change at any time. 

“My friends from Pekan and Raub tell me that if Malays get a bag of rice, coffee, milk and RM50 cash, everything can be settled.”

The fact that 7.4 million people would collect cash payments under BR1M, he pointed out, shows that a large number of people in the country are poor. “The figure comes to 25 per cent of the people.”

Among others, in summing up, Ariff expressed the hope that the Malays would become more sophisticated in their thinking for the sake of their children and grandchildren and not allow the nation to be mortgaged through cheap corruption. “I am confident that the dignity of the Malays cannot be that low.” - fmt

Teringat kat AMAREEKA ka atau PARIS!!!...


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