07 January 2008

Rashid is bossing around again.....

Election Commission chief has reiterated that nationwide polls are "around the corner" despite speculation the government would hold back due to a host of problems."When I say the election is around the corner, you better believe me because it is not a joke," Election Commission chairman Abdul Rashid Abdul Rahman told the Star daily, echoing comments made in November. - Star,Jan.,6,08

Everyone knows that the election is around the corner.Even punters are placing their bets on the exact date. Sure enough Pat Lah wont gamble it somewhere after April just for fear of the Anwar factor.The increase in food prices, shortages in some basic essentials like cooking oil and couple with unprecedented street protests, a sex scandal has more or less tarnished BN's and Pat Lah's image.

Just because Rashid got his extension as EC chairman,that do not give him the right to dictate and warn the rakyat about election. Only the PM has that right to determine when election will be held. It seems this Rashid guy is now beyond control. First he challenged the opposition to boycott the election for the sheer reason that the opposition requested for his removal. Now he acts as if his the PM speculating when will election be held. His job is to see that the election are held accordingly. Why doesnt he just keep his big mouth shut?

One thing I realised that during Mahathir's era,this Rashid guy was just like a 'tikus' and barely uttered any promulgation. But,under Pat Lah,he trying to outdo Pat Lah himself. However,with public anger is running high over spiralling food prices,food shortages and humiliated by a sex scandal that caused the resignation of one of his senior cabinet member, Pat Lah got to think twice before he faces the electorates.

**Updates: Read what Pat Lah's son-in-law got to say,here. To Rashid just keep your mouth shut.....and now even PAS youth leader is calling Rashid to debate,read here. As for Pat Lah's big mouth son-in-law ,Kit Siang has this to say,here.

My best bet will be on 13 March 2008.


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Anonymous said...

Gomen panjangkan khidmatnya dan bayaq gajinya tak kan dia nak menyalak kat tuannya?

Jilat bontot tuannya ada lagi!!!