20 January 2008

Christopher Fernando dies....

One of Anwar Ibrahim's leading lawyer,Christopher Fernando (pic) died at the National Heart Institute (IJN) here last night. He was admitted to the IJN on Monday after suffering a heart attack.Christopher Fernando underwent a triple by-pass surgery but his condition worsened on Friday.

Christopher Fernando alias Aris Rizal Fernando Abdullah, was a former Sessions Court president before he joined the private practice.

He was married to Maria Kamaruddin who is the sister of former Umno Yourh chief Datuk Suhaimi Kamaruddin. They had two daughters Marissa and Rina.

Semoga Allah swt mencucuri rahmatnya ke atas roh beliau...


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Anonymous said...

He represented my brother for a case n he won the case. Along the 2 and a half year of hearing, i was around most of the time. He is a very special person, gifted n born to be just the best lawyer in Malaysia. The country lost one of the best asset. He was not only a lawyer to my brother but we considered him part of the family. I don't think i've thank him enough for every single thing that he has done. May god bless him. He will be missed dearly. To the family...i'm sorry for ur lost