04 December 2007

Rashid is trying to bullshit......

Rashid: Those who lose in the polls should stop blaming the commission and instead look within themselves to see what went wrong.

I am really pissed off with this Abdul Rashid,the EC Chairman guy who keeps on bragging that the EC is clean and should not be blame for any mishaps with our electoral system. Like Samy Velu,he has been too long at the helm of EC and thats a cogent evidence that he going senile. All these years the opposition has been accepting their failure to win; its only the gomen that shun defeat for they have this mistaken notion that they will always win,but,for how long?.

Probably you forgot what you said earlier this year,that the EC be given power to ensure that justice and freedom be accessible to all parties contesting in both the electronic and print media. You also want the more than half a decade old election laws and regulations be reviewed. Did Pat Lah heeded to your pleas. The answer is NO, its you who must kowtow him.

If the opposition lose fairly,its fine but this seldom happens here. It is the responsibility for the EC to see that the Election Act be complied both by the gomen and opposition. However,this never happen,the gomen flouts every election rules knowned.The gomen uses goverment vehicles,properties and agencies to help them in campaign purposes,exploit the media to their(gomen) advantage right under Rashid and his EC members nose. What have you done to rectify these wrongdoings,Rashid? None, instead you just turn around gibbering "stop blaming the commission". What a crap...!!

Rashid: Our system is transparent.There has never been fraud in the EC. I have been in the EC for 25 years and I even tried to see if there was any candidate who lost because he or she was a victim of fraud.

What transparent you are talking about? The latest admission by the EC secretary,that assistant officers for registration of voters were found to have transferred voters without their consent has again largely justified opposition claims of massive deceitful practice by the EC. You must be sleeping then,I supposed.

When they requested for a free and transparent election,you came out with this transparent ballot boxes. Dont tell me that after 25 years at the EC you only manage to come out with this idea? Rashid, 25 years is too long for you to be there,while election frauds and chouse occurred in every general election, instead of you looking into it,you choose to close one eye, just like some of our famous penyamun MPs and ADUNs.

Rahshid: Lately,there has been allegation that the EC is linked to political parties. Thats a wild allegation.

Its not a wild allegation,but,its the whole truth and nothing but the truth.Being a commission,the EC must be seen independent. However the commission members are usually made up of senior loyal 'kaki tangan kerajaan'. If you are not the loyal ones you will be given a 'penyapu' like what Khir Toyo did to non-performing civil servants or will be packed home for good. So as commission members they and the gomen will play a little game called,"I scratch Your back and You scratch Mine". Remember, who pays their 'gaji' obviously not...Abdul Hadi Awang or Lim Kit Siang..no..no..its Pat Lah's gomen, correct,correct,correct....

Rashid: I had never been asked by any party including the Prime Minister,to do anything to help the party.

The Prime Minister dont asked you for help,but he send in his goons to tell you what to do. No wonder,for being a loyal servant, your tenure is going to be extended for another year,so as to ensure that Pat Lah's election agenda can be accomplish. To call you a 'barua' gomen is a bit too harsh,but thats really who you are.....

the Sun,3rd December 2007



Anonymous said...

I hope someone is gathering enough information and proof that the EC is flawed -- to ensure that he Rashit will resign for being overly stupid and cocky.

Enjoy freedom while you can

Anonymous said...
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Anonymous said...

The name sounds like shit ! So what else can he offer other than 'SHIT' !

Anonymous said...

When have you seen a Muslim country that has been allowed to be democratic?

If Muslim countries be allowed to be democratic it will herald a new major advance and renaissance in Muslim actions and thought and Muslim countries will no longer depend on the west.

Countries like Saudi Arabia, Kuwait, UAE, Syria, Eqypt, Iran, Iraq, Sudan, Indonesia, Malaysia etc etc are only allowed to live due to massive food imports from the US. If the US shut off the food tap all Muslim countries starve.

Obviously that i.e "democracy" cannot be allowed to happen in Muslim countries.

Ra...shid is just "shit" making sure that another muslim country be not allowed to be democratic. Dun blame him. Why are you all guys focusing on him? It's not his fault!

Even Condoleeza Rice was forced to shut up and now the US does not allowed Muslim countries to be democratic. Obviously sham democracies must be seen to function in ALL Muslim countries.

20 Cent said...

Ah, Abdul Rashid, Abdul Rashid...lets not forget his, "I cannot lie and say I don't know when the next election will be held" stunt.

If he was telling the truth, he is indeed in cahoots with the ruling coalition, as they are the ones who call the shots for the dates.

If he really was lying, then there's not much more to be said about that, is it? After all, do we want someone who lies to the public to be chairperson of the election commission?

Anonymous said...

If muslim countries have any morals or balls they will be friendly to the hand that feeds them i.e. the US

People like KJ and gang should thank Condoleeza Rice for her food that is keeping them alive instead of demostrating "without a permit" against her visit.

Worse are those people that call the US ..."The Great Satan" in front and then from the backside eats US food.



Anonymous said...

see also www.bible.ca

zorro said...

Ali.....another running dog let loose ....this time from the master's pound.

Ali...FYI, crescenet is a spam.

Unknown said...

Let me put it this way. If in a soccer match, a foul was committed in the centre of the field, the referee pointed to the penalty box and asked the goalie to turn the other way, cuff his legs and hands, blindfold him and still awarded a goal when the penalty taker ballooned the ball over the post, are the players of the cheated side not to say a word?

ali allah ditta said...

to all,

thanks for dropping by.


thanks...for the reminder...


Now I know why Pat Lah's goal was considered legal though he hardly kicked the ball....


Anonymous said...

All EC workers should not be a member of a political parties.